Bringing Up Bebe

Yes, I’m still reading this book and it’s not taking me forever because it’s a terrible read – it’s actually pretty amazing and I’m loving it… 

My goal though is to finish it before Hudson comes and from time to time go back through the sections I highlighted and re-read the notes I left. 
I do wish to incorporate French parenting techniques with raising Hudson. The perspective of the book is refreshing and I really connected with ways the French women raise their kids and live their lives. I hope Hudson is a strong, independent and inquisitive little man but who also knows his manners and can be content in his own space. 
I encourage every new mom or mom to be to read this book. Perspective is good and so is balance. We all want to be a great mom but I think we Americans lose sight of other things in the process. 
I’m not sure I’m fully prepared for the explosive amount of love for him, but I know the second I see Nick and Hudson together my heart will probably beat out of my chest. When I thought I couldn’t love my husband more… 

I can’t wait to start this journey of 3. 


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