Third Trimester

Where did this pregnancy go!?

This last trimester is probably my least favorite of the three (if I had to choose), but I also think that’s probably common.
Not that I’m not enjoying every minute I have left, but my comfort level has definitely been impacted.
The last two trimesters didn’t really affect me much, but with this one… 

From maneuvering in/out of bed, off the couch, to getting out of my husband’s car I just have to move differently.  
Sleeping, for the most part, has been fine. I’m pretty much rotating from side to side throughout the night and getting up very little to use the restroom. 
Clothes continue to be a stretch (literally) and I’m passed the point where I’ll buy more maternity clothes – I’m less than 3 weeks out! I still have a handful of things that fit, so apologies if you see duplicates for awhile 🙂 I’ll try to be more creative. 
I’ve also noticed that when it comes to eating things stay around a bit longer. My burping situation (which existed before baby bump) has just ascended.
I burp a ton after meals and I promise I’m not a fast eater. 
Fortunately my tummy still looks relatively normal, my belly button is officially f l a t (not popped!) and my ankles are still well… ankles. 
We’re all set at the hospital, we picked our pediatrician and the nursery is almost done.

I’m in full fledge nesting mode and I’m getting quite particular about the finishing touches in his room.  More on that in a couple weeks 🙂

We’re on official countdown!

*I’m actually 38 weeks today!

Dear Hudson,
It’s almost time! You’ve definitely grown the past couple weeks! You mostly stick to my right side and on occasion get the hiccups. For the most part you’re pretty considerate when mommy is sleeping and get most of your energy out while we’re sitting on the couch before bed. We both watch you move in amazement. 
We have most of the necessities – so when you arrive we’ll be prepared. Daddy still thinks you’re coming early… I just hope you’re on time 🙂 
Know that we are all so excited and we can’t wait to kiss your sweet face.


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