Baby Bump – 30 Weeks

It’s really crazy to think that I’m (over) 30 weeks pregnant. 
That in two short months Hudson will be gracing us with his sweet little presence. 
Still not nervous… still not overwhelmed, but I do find it bittersweet. 
This pregnancy has flown by and overall I’ve actually really enjoyed it. 
From drinking the occasional Shirley temple, to people letting me use the restroom first – being pregnant has been great. I love watching this belly move and feeling like he’s getting the best care in the world. 
But I will say a good cup of coffee, fall beer and a Publix sub will be on my list of must haves post baby. 
I am looking forward to finalizing his room, washing all his tiny clothes and getting the place ready for him. I think nesting mode is starting to kick in and that’s exciting. 

More on all of that soon.


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