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I’ve talked about my first trimester here and it’s crazy to think that me and this little boy bundle are already half way there! So here’s the latest:

Besides a seriously annoying stuffy nose, I’ve been feeling great. 

I’ve been lathering up with Mama Bee morning and night – love the stuff! And going to yoga every Saturday morning and occasional Wednesday night. It’s been really good for breathing and just maintaining a healthy mindset.

Lunches are still a little difficult but I’ve been turning to canned soup and fruit. So far I’m trending under 15 lbs – so I’m aiming for a 30 lb or less total weight gain. We’ll see!

We’ve bought some more cute little baby clothes (can’t help it!) and gifts are starting to trickle in. We have some of the greatest friends 🙂 Hudson is so loved already.

As we continue to decorate and furnish our house we’re not really in the mindset of baby proofing (just yet.) We figure we have some time before our house transforms a little bit. We absolutely LOVE our house and it’s going to be so great for a family. Nick has been researching some parenting books and even downloaded one that some of his peers recommended – he continues to surprise me with this stuff and it melts my heart.

We’ve got a pretty good idea on what we’d like to do in the nursery – thank you, Pinterest! But we’ve yet to start finding things… I think once I hit nesting mode it’s on.

I’ve been trying to take weekly belly shots in our lovely bathroom, but I missed week 17! Oops! I’ll get better about it – especially as this tummy grows.

Lastly, I’ve been super thankful for sparkling water and I think it’s about time I start using a body pillow. I hear it’s a life saver
What else was a life saver for you during your second trimester? What did you enjoy the most? What were you doing to prepare for your third trimester?

And when did you start feeling your little babe? I’m getting antsy! 


  1. Congrats Jamie! You look amazing! I am due late November and was soo happy when I reached the halfway mark! I felt more energetic and confident. I felt kicks around this time but at 26 weeks the kicks are much stronger and more frequent. It's exciting but it's sometimes uncomfortable to be honest! I got a body pillow but would love to try bump nest to compare….I don't really have any essentials but I use the same cream as you and I try to drink lots of water and eat lots of fruit for digestion. I'm still on the hunt for the best bra…

  2. Your belly is so cute! I'm currently 26 weeks with my first…a boy! Poland Springs flavored sparkling water was a game changer for me during my first trimester. Maybe it was in my head, but it seemed to calm my queasy stomach and now I'm addicted. I also started taking calcium and fiber chews (Vitafusion) to help me better tolerate my prenatal vitamins. I feel really good as I'm quickly approaching my 3rd trimester and hope you're well too 🙂

  3. Hey Stephanie – congratulations! Thank you so much for the comment and suggestions. Vitafusion sounds like a nice addition.

    Good luck on your 3rd trimester. Hope to hear more about it 🙂

  4. It really is a gorgeous bathroom, btw! I would say don't fret about the kicks bc it does make it harder to sleep at night once the baby is kicking all the time. I usually feel them when I'm lying down or sitting still–I'm sure you'll feel them before you know it! Your husband is so great reading the parenting books! I'm reading a bunch, too! At first I thought you could find everything online but it is kind of nice to have the actual book. See if any of your friends have books they can pass on to you–I like “the pregnancy countdown book.” It's cute, short, and has lots of facts for each week of pregnancy–a fun read. I also skimmed through the baby's first year books bc I heard so many ppl say they wish they read them before baby was born so they would feel more prepared. I'm guessing I won't have much time after baby is born to read!��

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