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  • Mother Mag – gorgeous photos, interesting topics and a great group of ladies backing it!
  • Cricket’s Circle – a great place to get references, research baby items, generate a registry (based off your preferences) and get advice from other moms. If you don’t want to join, their blog is great too.
  • Hive Magazine – beautiful bump diaries by amazing women and great info on style and beauty.


  • Love Taza – the way she balances life, family and blogging in the heart of NYC is inspiring (and with baby #3 on the way – 2 weeks before me!) I can’t stop reading!
  • Daybook Blog Sydney is a young super mom with a little girl on the way. I adore her style, writing voice and real sense of reality. 

  • Bugaboohq – drool worthy strollers and adorable people using them
  • Littlehipsqueaks – handmade with love
  • Child_Hoods – more handmade goodness 
  • Rags_to_Raches – even more handmade cuteness
  • Taza – Life with kids as it’s happening. And boy, it looks like fun 🙂

  • Baby Bump – daily and weekly updates on you and baby, a place to upload bump photos, and count kicks! I’m patiently waiting to use the kick counter. 
  • Pregnancy WebMD – more detailed knowledge for every stage of development and a great resource for health and safety questions at your fingertips.

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