New York Nuptials

We decided on forever. 
And since we did it, just us, I thought I’d share our trip here and show you what it all looked like through our lens. 

Friday – December 27th 

We flew to New York. We checked in at the Wythe Hotel – we had an amazing loft w/ terrace on the top floor.  It was such a warm welcome and my parents had sent us a bottle of champagne! We then grabbed a quick breakfast at Cafe Mogador before heading to the court house to obtain a marriage license. I was giddy like a school girl. 
We were #A099. It took us about an hour and fifteen minutes and then we were off to Soho for some shopping. Naturally. We also stopped at the Little Cupcake Bakeshop where Nick picked up my birthday cake. A m a z i n g banana pudding.
It was such a long day but we made it back to Brooklyn and went up the street to Whiskey Brooklyn. Yes, one of us had whiskey. Dinner was a tough decision between the Meatball Shop or  Sweet Chick. Meatball Shop won. And we ended the night at the Counting Room next to a really big Christmas tree. 

 Saturday – December 28

The “big day!” We slept in a bit and rolled out of bed with yes, that amazing view. We went to Egg for breakfast (super popular place – great biscuits) and stopped at Blue Bottle for some coffee. One of Nick’s favorite and frequent stop when we are in SF. We then took the subway into Manhattan – I had a Dry Bar appointment and he had a haircut and hot shave. I drank a little glass of champagne and smiled the whole entire time. After our appointments we met back up and made a pit stop at Chelsea Market. Nick got some tacos and I got some cheese and then we headed back to Brooklyn. We had some chocolate covered strawberries and cheese and started getting ready. Nick sent out a Google hangout for family who wanted to see it (maybe not hear it – it was quite windy up there!) By 3:30 we were taking photos with Liam and by 4:00 we were taking our vows. All I wanted to do was marry him. And it could have been anywhere. It was so stress-free, simple and well… perfect. 

We hung out in our hotel after… talked to family, ate more strawberries and drank more champagne. Then we made our way back to Manhattan as husband and wife. O v e r j o y e d. We went to Milk & Honey for a cocktail and then Craft for dinner. The restaurant was so great – they had a special message to us on the menu and complimentary champagne. Not to mention the tasting was so good. And there you have it… I got to marry a man who makes my heart skip a beat every time he walks in the room. Blessed. 

Him: J.Crew suit / All Saints shoes 
Her: Theysken’s by Theory dress / BeBe shoes

Sunday – December 29th 

We woke up when we wanted, but to a rainy and (not arctic) cold Brooklyn. We headed to Parish Hall for breakfast where I doodled in the sketchbook on the table with a giant “G” and our wedding date. We then went to Toby’s Estate Coffee (yes, we typically don’t get coffee at restaurants, especially when there are speciality coffee roasters just around the corner!) and had an awesome seat next to some beans being roasted. Their coffee is way good. 
It was a good day to stay indoors so we found the Smorgasburg Winter Flea & Food market and walked around. Such an interesting place. If we lived there I know we would have taken more time, but we did buy an antique frame so we can put a wedding photo in it. Good idea, right? Our next stop was Mast Brother’s Chocolate Factory – such a cool place. We tried some chocolate and bought a limited edition Vanilla and Smoke bar to go.
Next up, Sweet Chick! It looked so cute from the street and fried chicken and waffles are always a good idea. And with a bloody mary? Dad, you would have loved it. We took our time and watched trendy Brooklyners prance in the rain. With full tummies we headed back to the hotel and got comfy on the couch. We put on the Breaking Bad marathon and opened a bottle of wine Nick’s parents sent us. Loved every second of that. 
We did break away for dinner and went to Antica Pesa for some really good italian food. We had more wine, a super yummy cheese plate and some pasta. Perfect for a rainy night. 

Monday – December 30

Our last day in New York, we did have some time before our flight to Salt Lake. We had high hopes of visiting our favorite morning show (Today Show) but that was too early and it was too cold. So instead we packed up and made our way to an amazing diner – Jimmy’s. It’s small but mighty tasty. If you ever go, get the egg and grits bowl. If you couldn’t guess we went to a coffee shop, Black Brick. We both had two cappucinos and sat by the window. 
Even though we didn’t make it to the Today Show, I still wanted to go to see the big tree. And my sweet husband managed the crowd with me and we took a couple shots. Love him. 
On Nick’s previous visit to New York he saw some cool Christmas lights in Greenwich Village that he thought I’d like so we walked that way, did a little bit more shopping and stumbled upon Cafe Cluny. It was quaint and quite busy but they had a table waiting for us. Far from the Brooklyn style places we were getting used to, this one had gold touched and all the servers wore Saint James.  
Since we were so close we went to Stumptown Coffee – another Nick favorite. Place was more old school – library touches, dark green colors but a tasty cappucino.  It’s crazy all the different vibes these coffee places bring, but he’s got me fascinated. Love experiencing them with him. 
Our half day was coming to a close and we needed to make our way back to the hotel – we got a beer at near the lobby (which the general manager bought!) and then headed to the airport. 
The last photo I snapped was at the JFK airport… he was just looking so handsome.. so married. 
And the backdrop was perfect. I love you, Nick. 

Guys, that’s my husband! How’d I get so lucky?

More on the Park City leg coming up next… 
And I’ll post some professional shots of the wedding when I get them. I can’t wait. 


  1. What a beautiful collage of memories and pictures…there's something so joyous in witnessing such Love & Happiness…wishing you both an Endless Love…Congratulations ..on FOREVER

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