New Year

As 2013 ended on a serious high note (all about the wedding coming soon!)

I took a second to make a list of things I want to focus on this year… 
Be present 
Read at least three books
Attend more yoga classes
Spend more time in the kitchen with Nick – cooking with him is pure happiness 
Wash my face every night 
FaceTime with my sister at least 2x a week
Say what I feel
Start collecting home decor pieces for our new house
Go back to the Wythe Hotel 
Travel somewhere warm 
Make, not buy, birthday presents 
Plan for a family 
Be with those who matter the most 
Take more and better outfit pictures for this little blog of mine
And I think that’s a good start. What does your list look like?
2014, I’m ready. 


  1. I have so many hopes, dreams, and goals, I start to get overwhelmed sometimes. This year I decided my word would be “action.” To take action to do the things I want. If I want a nap, I will take it, if I want some alone time, I will take it, some excercise, do it. I loved getting to read about all your plans for this year. And I would put a star by that outfit goal of yours…I always love getting to see your chic looks!

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