Palmer – 11 Months

His last month before the big ONE! He has the best salute/wave – he puts his little hand in the air every time he sees someone. On a mission to get anywhere he shouldn’t – fireplace, TV console, bath tub and playroom stairs Fascinated with opening and closing doors Everything goes in his mouth – 7 teeth and counting… Big…

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My (not so little) monkey is FIVE! I mean he’s every bit of five… loves pre-k, becoming quite the gamer, has a weakness for Chipotle, kid’s got a falsetto, legit ambidextrous tendencies (writes left, but throws right) and can ride a bike better than I can. He has new freckles around his nose and hairy skinny legs and I just…

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SIX Years With YOU

Welp, that was fast. I swear we were just celebrating our 5th anniversary in Santa Barbara getting massages and you drinking all the beer. Needless to say, every year with you is better than the last. We added a kid, adding a new house and we still really really like each other. Which, I think is just as important as…

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The Merriest

When you’re a kid you think Christmas is just the greatest thing. While I don’t disagree – there is something magical about Christmastime as parent. All you want to do is give them the world and watch their tiny faces light up. My heart is so full with this little family of mine. Wishing you the merriest, happiest and loveliest…

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Palmer – 10 Months

My bubs is in the TWO digits! He’s seriously the sweetest, happiest little babe and I can’t believe most days he’s mine. Pulls up on just about anything Literally WALKING with anything that he can push – on. his. own. Reaches out with a little open hand to show he wants you or something just out of his reach Still…

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Life Lately

holiday stuff, birthday stuff, friends and family – add a trip to New York in the mix – plus house updates – it’s a doozy but I wouldn’t change a thing….

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