Woman of The House

Exactly ONE month from today – baby G is due! I’m pretty confident since he’s been measuring a week ahead that he’ll be a week early, but it’s crazy to think we’re in the home stretch. We had such a productive weekend that I’m feeling really good about bringing little man home whenever he decides to come. Now to soak…

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5 Things

1 // Chris Loves Julie + Semi HandmadeĀ  This duo is pretty incredible – from their blog, home projects, new A-frame, clothing line and now a cabinet collaboration they are pretty unstoppable. Loving this look they created though – stained looking cabinets are big these days and they are making them current but also attainable. 2 // Fohr GroundĀ  As…

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A Neutral Maternity Look

It’s easy to reach for the all black. I mean I have 3 pairs of black maternity leggings that I alternate between all week – but it does get old and quick. I’ve noticed that I’m naturally drawn to neutral outfits and monochromatic looks and thought I’d do my best to make one work at 34 weeks pregnant in the…

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Weekend Wants

a mix of clothes, beauty (loving Playa Dry Shampoo and already wanting more) and organization for home.    …

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Tydes Date Night

I bought this Asos maternity dress before our trip so I had something new and nice to wear for a date night. I figured it was a dress I would wear post baby too and the price couldn’t be beat. Asos Maternity has some really great affordable styles. I also bought this Amuse Society sweater from a local surf shop…

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My Second 2nd Trimester

Truly the easiest trimester. Once you’re in your second trimester all the “what ifs” start to subside a little, which is nice. You start showing more which is exciting and you finally get to feel the babe move. I went back and looked at my 2nd trimester post with Hudson and to my surprise these are actually pretty similar. Besides…

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