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I am so in love with this comfy outfit. This Zara sweater was a Black Friday/Cyber Monday steal! Paired with the coolest linen muscle t-shirt that’s only $29! (can’t have this look too bulky), distressed white jeans and a stacked heel, I feel pretty confident in this get-up. I HATE to be constricted and this outfit has none of that….

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Office Tour: Fohr Card with James Nord

When I knew I was going to tag along with Nick to New York but that I had to plan my own days I went through a list of companies/brands that I currently work with to try to get some face-time with. Lo and behold, to get on James’ calendar at Fohr Card was pretty simple and the fact he…

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How I edit my Instagram Photos

I get a lot of questions about how I edit my Instagram photos – specifically the filter. So I thought I’d share how I do that here – it’s pretty simple actually… First I use the ADEN filter – every. single. time. I think it’s important to show consistency – it makes your grid look cohesive. I use the Planoly app,…

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This is Thirty-Three

Another year, just. like. that. How does it go by so fast? I swear I was just ringing in my 32nd birthday in New York with my love. But the more I think about this year, the more I realize that it has been a wild ride – from amazing vacations, to fertility woes, losing a pet, designing homes, pushing…

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