Studio McGee x Target Spring Must-Haves

hands down their best collection yet. I want everything and ordered what I could. It’s a beautiful mix of neutrals and natural elements that make me swoon! Classic shapes, stunning greenery and a new dining collection to elevate your everyday. Shop now before they are all gone!…

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New Year New Medley Bed

I love the idea of starting the year off on the right side of the bed! It sounds kinda corny, pun was totally intended, but truly I am. I love sleep. Like really really really love sleep. We had our old Pottery Barn bed for 7 years and although it was still pretty perfect, we needed a change in our…

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Our Stay at Blackberry Mountain

gah, take me back. We’re used to annual trips to the beaches in Mexico or Turks & Caicos, but with the state of the world a safe but still luxurious escape was needed and Blackberry Mountain it was. Just shy of a 9 hr drive (not interrupted with kids in the back!) wasn’t bad at all and 4 days, 5…

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He’s Six

something about counting on two hands is a big deal. Some days I just stare at him and see this big kid that is wildly smart, crazy competitive and passionately empathetic, and then other days I see the little face of a kiddo who made me a mama and has brought more joy into my life than I ever thought…

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Lucky No. 7

They say year 7 is the hardest… It just so happened to line up with the infamous year that is 2020. Well, I think we did alright. Actually, I think we did better than alright. We continue to build a life that on some days is hard for me to even comprehend (it’s straight up fairytale-like) – we’ve had this…

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Merry Merry

not sure how it happened, but pretty sure I blinked and it’s Christmas. This year in-particular is so special – first Christmas morning in the new house and I have a feeling we’re going to have two very stoked little boys. you better believe I’ll be soaking up all the laughter, the mess and luke-warm coffee with the happiest and…

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