Palmer – Three Months

He’s pretty much like his older brother at this age – similar likes, dislikes and size. To me though, he’s totally his own person. I don’t see much Hudson but actually a little bit of myself in him. He’s a lover, cuddler and as of late a total drooler. He’s a total blue eyed blondie Loves sucking his two middle…

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Are You Done?

Seems to be the question we get the most as of late. Just like after you get married you get the “when are you going to have kids?” question. Then you have a kid and then it’s immediately “when are you going to have another?” or “Don’t you want another one?” Then when you end up having another one it’s…

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Damsel x Odells

I fell for it – hook, line and sinker. Been a longtime fan of the sweet Jacey from Damsel in Dior. We’ve met a handful of times (Create & Cultivate and NYFW) and she’s just the sweetest soul. She’s approachable, down to earth, relatable… So when she announced their collab with the Odells, I jumped on it. I love the…

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My Fourth Trimester

So I didn’t really have a plan – I’m usually one to go with the flow, but I did assume that it would be similar to what it was like after Hudson was born… except it wasn’t the same at all. With Hudson, the weight came off fast, nursing was literally a PAIN, but I learned so much in taking…

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