WYC Designs Presets

You guys have asked me for years on how I edit my photos and the tools I use and how I get that curated aesthetic across my social channels and well, this is it.  With WYC Designs photography is part of our product offering and not just by photographing interiors – but for other small businesses like New General or Meridian NYC and…

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Blackberry Mountain Take Three

Yeah, it was our 3rd trip up in 3 years. And get this, we plan to go back this summer with the boys. Call us crazy. But when you find a place that truly feels like an escape and elevates all the things that you enjoy – you find ways to go back. From our first initial stay in the…

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NINE years with you

or 78,894 hours and counting and I wouldn’t change a thing. Well, maybe to have married you sooner. Our life is as crazy as ever and I’m still crazy as ever for you… for this family we’ve created, for this home we’ve built and literally for everything in-between. Marriage isn’t hard or maybe it’s just that being married to you…

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