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5 Ways to Focus on Self Care with Burt’s Bees

this post is sponsored by Burt’s Bees but the words and opinions are my own.

Self-care by definition means to…. the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health.

It’s not a fad or a fleeting moment, it’s a process and routine that is 1) all encompassing and 2) forever evolving. What we need mentally, physically and emotionally varies and it’s important to pick up on those things. The past few months have been extremely busy prepping for baby, wrapping up work, taking care of my self physically and mentally for this big life change. Now that we’re in the swing of things as a family of four I can go back to a yoga routine, editing my diet (which didn’t include raw fish, certain meats and cheeses) and being able to active again.

I’ve always been one to write out my to-do lists, goals and wishes. I think it’s so important to set these goals and to work on yourself as it is a process.

Here are five ways to focus on self-care:

1. Drink enough water

2. Sleep 8 hours a night

3. Take time for things that make you happy – for me that’s reading, blogging, being with my family.

4. Nourish from the outside in (Burt’s Bees Sensitive Skin) Can you make sure to add something about the products you use?

5. Eat skin boosting, antioxidant rich foods

“You can’t be your best self if you’re not taking care of yourself. You’re likely to do better in other parts of your life if you take the time for you.” –Patricia Normand, psychologist

Why Burt’s Bees® is A Staple In Our Home

This post is sponsored by Burt’s Bees®, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

It’s no secret I love Burt’s Bees® – I’ve mentioned their products (unsponsored) many times before because I do truly use their products. When I saw the opportunity to work with them on a skin/beauty campaign with Target I jumped on it because they are already a natural extension of my beauty and even home routine.

I snagged a bunch of goodies from their new display at Target (now through Oct 14th – you can save 10% on select Burt’s Bees® products at Target) I typically buy their face wipes in bulk, lip balms (& tinted lip balms) and sheet masks. I was stoked to add a hand cream and a new overnight lip treatment that I’m loving so far.



They just released two new hand creams which is really exciting as the weather starts to change – the minute our humidity level drops (it’s glorious, don’t get me wrong) but my skin immediately gets really dry, especially my hands. I wash them all the time, so a nice hand cream is essential as the seasons change.

Burt’s Bees® is a brand that focuses on nutrient rich natural ingredients. I feel good using their products and I love that I can find their stuff at my local Target.

Here’s a quick highlight on a few products I can’t go without: 

Face Towelettes

The thing with Burt’s Bees®, which I love, is that anyone can really use and enjoy their products. I use the face wipes on me and my son – they are perfect for yoga days, bike rides and in general on-the-go weekends. I have them in my guest bathroom for anyone who stays with us. I use them every morning and every night.

Sheet Masks

They come in handy for a mom who, from time to time, needs a little pick me up. It’s a total treat when I get few extra minutes to myself at night to toss on a mask (scare my husband in the process) and just give my skin and mood a total boost. Plus, they are a great gift idea – I typically toss in a mask or two when I ship anything to my sister.

Lip Care

I hardly ever wear lipstick – I’m a lip balm user 100%. But I like variety. I don’t wear a ton of make-up, maybe I’ll spice it up on date night, so a little tint in my nutrient rich lip balm is a game changer. These also make for great easy gifts. No one can ever have enough. My sister still is a heavy consumer of their original Beeswax Lip Balm. It’s rare if she doesn’t have one in arm’s length.

Hand Cream

It’s easily the one body part that I probably neglect the most. I wash my hands, use sanitizing spray and hate oily hands that will surely end up greasing my hair because i can’t keep my hands off my head. BUT with their new hand cream additions I’m going to make a point to use their hand cream every night to give them a little more attention that they deserve.

And to just reiterate my love for Burt’s Bees® I use their Mama Bee® belly butter (I used it when I was pregnant with Hudson and using it again with his pregnancy) and I always have their blemish stick in my top drawer – it’s the best quick acne spot treatment I’ve ever used. And lastly, the only shampoo/body wash we used on Hudson the first 2 years of his life was Burt’s Bees Baby®.

Thank you Burt’s Bees® for being a staple and trustworthy brand in our home. Hope you guys give their Target display another glance while it’s up until 11/3.



I’ve heard horror stories about what happens to women once they have a baby. 

From depression, hormonal imbalances, new found allergies to larger foot size we woman go through a lot. 
The past three months my body has changed a bit. It took me about 10 weeks to fully bounce back and during those 10 I did have some crazy hormonal changes. I would get crazy hot and cold spells that put me out of commission. Besides feeding my baby all I wanted to do is sleep. Turns out I wasn’t taking in more than what I was putting out. The key is to: 
1. Drink way more water than you’re used to. Like crazy amounts. 
2. Don’t skip meals. It’s easy when you have to breastfeed but you need to stay nourished for you and the little one. 
I eat Noosa yogurt with homemade granola and fruit with a cup of freshly dripped coffee and a cup of orange juice for breakfast. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich with some chips for lunch. Fruit snacks or string cheese for a snack. An occasional vitamin water (to mix things up) and for dinner a meat and a veggie. I also keep some crackers and fruit snacks in the diaper bag just in case. 
I’m finally noticing a significant increase in my hair loss. I heard this would happen and thought I skated by unscathed. Thank goodness I have a lot of hair but man, takes shedding to a whole new level. 
3. Brush your hair (I’m terrible at this) but it will prevent your hair from being everywhere. 
Lastly, as things go back to normal maintain the same routine you established before and during your pregnancy. I’m still taking my prenatal vitamins, now a safe contraceptive (since I’m breastfeeding and not in need of another baby so soon), and loving Burts Bees healing ointment for dry skin. I also take two hours a week to go to yoga. It’s great for my body but even better for my mind. 
4. Continue taking your prenatal vitamins and lathering up in your belly balm or vitamin E oil. 
5. Take personal time. Whether that’s a weekly yoga class or a walk around your neighborhood it’s healthy and totally okay to enjoy some alone time. 
And never lose perspective that all of this is temporary. Sore boobs, lack of sleep come with the territory but only for a little while. I remind myself daily and cherish every moment I have. 

Weekend Wants

Kinda love this Feed diaper bag and of course the good it does. 

Proud owner of a brand new 5mm yoga mat!
Husband would look good in these.
Because any girl can dream
Burts Bees for baby.
Put a cake on it.

*aiming for a long weekend that consists of biking and swimming 🙂
so long sweet summer!

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Life Lately

| Lard Lad deliciousness |
| Universal Mardi Gras with these two handsome dudes | 
| Rifle Paper Co presents Garance Doré in NYC |

| Date night w/ ice cream | 
| bright sunnies |

| Sunday blooms |

| Burts Bees tinted chapstick in “Fig” |

| boyfriend jeans |
| Anjolee earrings! |
They have amazing jewelry – like gorgeous eternity bands that you could stack.. stack… stack!
Maybe get some in your Easter basket? 
Doesn’t hurt to ask. 

Second Trimester

Starting my third trimester here in Kauai – 28 week baby bump!

Thought I’d share my second trimester thoughts since my first trimester post got a ton of views…

Went through my first thing of Mama Bee belly butter (highly recommend it!)
I still have an innie and no stretch marks or itching yet…

Felt the “pregnancy glow” but that could be a nod to my Aveeno face products and Anastasia brow pencil 🙂

Occasionally slept with an extra pillow at night and experienced some minor lower back pain earlier on and random leg cramps.

My stuffy nose is starting to get better! I’ve been sneezing less and less. So thankful!

Maintained decent exercise – 2 days a week I went to yoga and did a ton of bike riding over the weekends with husband

Smoothies, fruit snacks, tacos (Mexican food), tootsie rolls, cereal (shredded wheat or lucky charms), sparkling water, Mellow Mushroom pizza, sour cream & onion chips, Cheeze-its, apples with peanut butter.

Getting Organized:

Finalized our registry! Thank you for making it easy.

Received my breast pump through our insurance company – huge relief!

We toured our hospital and got all registered.

Ordered his crib and dresser from Pottery Barn!

Baby shower plans are in full swing and I’m really excited about it – I’ve got great friends & family. And my sweet colleagues here at Rifle are doing the custom invitation 🙂

Blog love – thank you Splendid, Preggo Leggings, joy + olivia, Robeez, Zumba Apparel, Kohl’s and Milk Snob for your support! xo

My increased love for my husband – from doing more chores, to making my favorite foods, ordering belly butter from Amazon on his iPhone right before bed so I wouldn’t run out, to the way he rests his hand on my belly to feel Hudson’s movement and for the crazy feeling that he loves me even more now… I’m completely smitten.  

A lot on my mind still: finding possible day car options, researching a pediatrician, signing us up for a birthing class and possibly a breastfeeding class.

One thing at a time. 

3rd trimester excitement  
Homestretch! 84 days but who’s counting? 
Means the holidays are just around the corner! 
Which also means cooler weather and our first wedding anniversary #love
Washing all his tiny adorable clothing 
Packing our hospital bag 
Feeling him have the hiccups 
Finishing our little man’s nursery

The past two trimesters have flown by and life doesn’t seem to have changed a bit.
Assuming this last trimester will be a little different.

What’s the best and worst things about the third trimester? 

Half Way

J.Crew shirt | UO dress
I’ve talked about my first trimester here and it’s crazy to think that me and this little boy bundle are already half way there! So here’s the latest:

Besides a seriously annoying stuffy nose, I’ve been feeling great. 

I’ve been lathering up with Mama Bee morning and night – love the stuff! And going to yoga every Saturday morning and occasional Wednesday night. It’s been really good for breathing and just maintaining a healthy mindset.

Lunches are still a little difficult but I’ve been turning to canned soup and fruit. So far I’m trending under 15 lbs – so I’m aiming for a 30 lb or less total weight gain. We’ll see!

We’ve bought some more cute little baby clothes (can’t help it!) and gifts are starting to trickle in. We have some of the greatest friends 🙂 Hudson is so loved already.

As we continue to decorate and furnish our house we’re not really in the mindset of baby proofing (just yet.) We figure we have some time before our house transforms a little bit. We absolutely LOVE our house and it’s going to be so great for a family. Nick has been researching some parenting books and even downloaded one that some of his peers recommended – he continues to surprise me with this stuff and it melts my heart.

We’ve got a pretty good idea on what we’d like to do in the nursery – thank you, Pinterest! But we’ve yet to start finding things… I think once I hit nesting mode it’s on.

I’ve been trying to take weekly belly shots in our lovely bathroom, but I missed week 17! Oops! I’ll get better about it – especially as this tummy grows.

Lastly, I’ve been super thankful for sparkling water and I think it’s about time I start using a body pillow. I hear it’s a life saver
What else was a life saver for you during your second trimester? What did you enjoy the most? What were you doing to prepare for your third trimester?

And when did you start feeling your little babe? I’m getting antsy! 

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