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Weekend Wants

spring on my mind. can ya tell?

WYC Designs Presets

You guys have asked me for years on how I edit my photos and the tools I use and how I get that curated aesthetic across my social channels and well, this is it. 

With WYC Designs photography is part of our product offering and not just by photographing interiors – but for other small businesses like New General or Meridian NYC and it felt like a natural thing to be able to provide.

I wanted to focus on the vibes and moods I try to invoke and so I just focused on these core 5:

1 – Crisp // light, airy and bright

2 – Natural // looks barely edited but slightly enhanced

3 – Vintage // a vintage warm edit with rich natural tones

4 – Golden // warm hue undertones that bring depth

5 – Modern // higher contrast and saturation pigmentation

I feel like these can be applied to just about any subject – from interiors, kiddos to food. 

to learn more or purchase the WYC Designs Core Preset collection – click here.

Happy editing!


Blackberry Mountain Take Three

Yeah, it was our 3rd trip up in 3 years. And get this, we plan to go back this summer with the boys.

Call us crazy.

But when you find a place that truly feels like an escape and elevates all the things that you enjoy – you find ways to go back.

From our first initial stay in the stone cottages during COVID, to the big group trip for Nick’s 40th, to this sweet intimate tree house trip celebrating 9 years – all of them are magical in their own ways.

What sets this trip apart from the rest was our level of involvement. We felt like we had the place to ourselves which made hikes, stretching classes, sound bathing and tasting classes that much more fun and intimate. We took advantage of more of the included activities along with exploring more of the mountain than we’ve seen in the past. It’s a great spot for couples (obviously) and for larger groups – so we’re excited to experience that TN summer feeling with the boys this time.

If you plan to go – here are a few tips:

  • Post Christmas is really quiet and very intimate
  • Leave space in your bag for their market/pantry items – Firetower Hot Sauce is a must.
  • They brew and serve their own beer
  • They help plan your itinerary in advance but you can always modify. Take a look a the HUB classes and spa offerings and add to it if you have the time.
  • Mixology. Mixology. Mixology. Okay, wine too.
  • A good portion of the menu changes daily at Three Sisters – so don’t hesitate to order something if you want to try it!

weekend wants

winter whites and neutrals please

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