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My Five 2023 Design Trends

By far the most popular post every year! This one still rings true, and even though I wouldn’t call my self a trend spotter expert, I have noticed some amazing interior trends that I believe will become mainstays in 2023.

Here’s what I got:

1 // Organic Edges

From softened kitchen islands, curved staircases and raw furniture edges. It’s taking hard corners and structured elements and making them flow in a soft organic way. I love the idea of incorporating this more in to range hoods, furniture and even millwork.

2 // Integrated furniture

Whether it be integrated into a wall detail or multiple pieces of furniture integrated together – this cohesive and uber custom design is beautiful. An example is from the Austin Proper – where the head board and wallpaper blend and the lighting and night stand are integrated into the whole design.

A more affordable way to achieve a look like this is with pre-made built in headboards like this.

3 // Kitchen Wallpaper

Taking the classic white kitchen and really turning it on it’s head. Instead of a simple backsplash statement, wallpaper is being introduced to create character, depth and interest. As an alternative backsplash, or ceiling detail – wallpaper is creeping out of just the obvious places.

4 // Elevated Pantries

Just as important as the kitchen these days – pantries are an extension of the kitchen. They are not just for hiding the umpteen cereal boxes and ugly countertop appliances. They need to be the work horse behind the kitchen in an organized and elegant sort of way.

5 // The Darker Wood Comeback

From hardwood, interior paneling and furniture – the lighter white washed looks and light oaks will be taking a mini break. The old school furniture that your parent’s had are truthfully coming back in style. They have might be less ornate, but the color is spot on. Same goes for vintage – the the dark wood accents and furnishings are on everyone’s list.

Weekend Wants

for holiday entertaining and a simple wardrobe update

Weekend Wants

cozy and cool, please.

2022 Gift Guides – Make it Personal

sometimes you need to step it up a notch. these are extra special.

work your closet holiday gift guides
  1. Personalized stationery – for those who love a handwritten note.
  2. Initial jewelry case – if you include the birthstone ring, major points.
  3. Custom wall calendar – it’s a grandparent favorite!
  4. A book subscription – choose their club and gift them books from 6 months to a 1 year!
  5. Birthstone or initial jewelry – if you don’t know a ring size, a necklace or earring could work too!

2022 Gift Guides – What Boys Like

what you don’t see – underwear and socks, but we all know those are a necessity.

Work Your Closet Holiday Gift Guides
  1. Buy them what you want them to smell like. And I honestly love the Bleu de Chanel.
  2. Anything music – from coffee table books to vinyl.
  3. A portable grill – it’s cute and practical and perfect for the grill master in your life.
  4. A favorite combo – phone case + wallet. Plus, it supports a local small business we love. Nick won’t use anything else.
  5. Apparently these ARE THE JAM. Perfect for joint home offices : wink : and for those that are getting back to traveling.

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