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Wells is Ten Months

well, he’s a bit more than 10 months now but posts are late these days.

Mister is such a big kid – wanting to walk, talk, pull up and move around. He’s got to keep up around here and I just wish time would just slow down.

He’s a big cheeser, hair puller and hugger. He’s starting to tantrum when he doesn’t get his way. He’s found his voice and calls everything da or ba.

His little pointer finger makes a regular appearance and I just can’t get over how animated and cute he is. With 4 teeth he has quite the chomp and a hefty appetite.


Your first year is flying by little man, I can’t believe it. As we embark on this magical time of year, I can’t help but start to mentally prepare for your first birthday. To make it just as special as Hudson’s and Palmer’s first birthday. You’re our last and I want to relish in all the baby things and special moments as much as I can. Even through your temper tantrums and stubbornness is a sweet soul with so much love. Wells, you’re pure bliss baby and we all love you so very much.

love mama

2022 Gift Guides – All The Cool Kids

work your closet holiday gift guides
  1. Tonies – we ordered these for the boys this year! I’ve heard amazing things and love the concept. They are currently having bundle sales which is awesome. Plus, this cute Etsy display for it seals the deal. (Tonies Set $130 / Cloud display $65)
  2. Race car track – it’s vertical which I like and it will entertain the kiddos for hours. $120
  3. Our light up scooters were a hit last year! Great quality and price. $110
  4. A fun jump house for them and a pretty jump house for us. Aesthetically the prettiest on the market. $430
  5. Cuddle & Kind – still one of my favorite “give back” brands and love the quality. A go-to gift for me. $60

Why I Love October

he’s really the reason why I even know what love is.

happy birthday to the only one I see.

the boys and I are all kinda obsessed with you.

now let’s eat some cake batter ice cream.

A Look Back at Fall Fashion

some of my favorites that I can bring back again! Eeee!

sweater weather, cozy layers, boots and cashmere oh my! I love summer, but I think we all kind of shine during the cooler months.

shop my weekend wants:

2022 Gift Guides – The Beauty Buff

Work Your Closet Holiday Gift Guides
  1. Luxe Shampoo & Conditioner – if they are a beauty buff, odds are they want to try all the things and shampoo and conditioner make a great duo. $98
  2. Anything Merit – makes your makeup routine simple and enjoyable. They have amazing product gift sets! $120
  3. A fragrance staple – but truly it doesn’t have to be this particular one, but maybe something else they wear or a familiar scent that reminds you of them. $25
  4. Body bar – this is literally my shower hero. It’s affordable, lasts awhile and does wonders for my skin. Highly recommend. $15
  5. Nail polish – for a every beauty buff is a nail polish hoarder. Maybe get a few colors and cute box to keep them in!? Love & Other Stories colors and packaging.

2022 Gift Guides – The Happy Chef

taking a a nod from what I did last year… minimal and thoughtfully curated gift guides for those who mean most this year and well, every year.

first up is the happy chef, or happy cook, or loves to eat – however you want to slice it.

Work Your Closet - Holiday Gift Guides
  1. Berry bowls w/ saucers $56 – I leave them out because I use them all the time. With kids, I’m constantly rinsing and prepping fruit. Fill the bowls with some holiday snacks or home made cookies or candy in the meantime – after all it’s the key to their heart.
  2. Make it official with a sweet apron with their name on it. Lots of customizable options and support independent artists in the process. $36
  3. One can never have enough – cookbooks last forever. Plus, this one is quite practical. $15
  4. So if they are literally a chef, they might not need a toaster BUT if you’re like me and waffles and bagels and sandwich toast is on the regular, a cute toaster for the pantry is a must.
  5. Coffee. Like really good coffee from a town that means a lot to me. But really, I could have stopped at coffee. Shop their coffee subscriptions for a gift that keeps on giving.

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