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Weekend Wants

elements of fall, knits and always a checkered print

Wells is Eight Months

my little Wells August is eight months in August and I love everything about this.

Jamie Gernert, Founder of WYC Designs

captured his love for post dinner beach walks and his first real experience with sand. our little chunk is a ball of happy and this mama is purely smitten.

  • King of rolling over every which way and sitting up
  • Has two bottom teeth
  • Big into pouches with sweet potatoes, carrots or apples
  • Dude loves hide and seek, toys that make noise and ELMO
  • Obsessed with his brothers
  • Hair is getting lighter but his eyes are getting darker
  • Waves “hello” to anyone and anything
  • Has figured out how to cry to get what he wants
  • Makes silly faces with his tongue
  • Occasional thumb sucker
  • Fan of all things water
  • Can hold his own bottle/pouch/spoon
  • Scrunches up his nose and fusses before he gets really mad

My sweet Wells,

I love you more than words will ever be able to express. I’m obsessed with you – everything about you. You’re turning into the cutest kid with the sweetest little personality and thee most adorable face. You love people and food and toys and I watch your expressions and BEAM. You kid, make all our world’s go round. You give all of us so much joy – you have my heart little man.

love always – your mama

Fall Preview with Shoppe Amber Interiors

this post is sponsored by shoppe amber interiors but the thoughts are my own.

We’re still in the heat of summer in Florida, but fall touches as we come closer to September is alright in my book. Fall beer is already on the shelves and I’m all for a new fall scent, cozy throw and other simple home updates.

As a creative, especially in design, I’m influenced by seasonality and like to shift/move things around to incorporate that change – whether I feel it in the air or not.

shop all things shoppe amber interiors and use code JAMIE15 at check out.

here are some of my favorite new fall additions:

My Go-To Summer Jenni Kayne Look

sponsored by Jenni Kayne but the words are my own.

It’s true – I never go any trip without at least one item from Jenni Kayne. Whether it’s a cashmere sweater, cable cardigan or a summer dress.

This look was a favorite from our recent family beach trip – the cove dress w/ the cropped cashmere sweater. It was elegant and casual and comfortable all at the same time. With leather sandals and Celine bag/sunnies, I felt really pulled together.

Sometimes as a mom you put yourself last and you’ve got like 5 mins to get ready to get out the door – well this is outfit is less than 5 mins but makes you feel like a million bucks.

Note my code will expire on 9/1 – use now before it does – JAMIE15

Gernert Summer Vacation 2022

we crammed a lot in the week before school and looking back though, I don’t think we would have changed a thing.

vacations with kids are never truly vacations but splitting it up with a big kid trip and then a full family trip was really great. as the mom, I’m always with the baby and my attention is always divided. but with a 48 stint in New York with our bigs and then five days to soak up the last of the summer sun, it was a great balance.

vacations like these i hope they remember. i know we will. know matter how hard it is with three kids and finding the time – always take the trip.

48 hours in New York

to five days at the beach

grateful for these moments and memories. heart is full.

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