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Weekend Wants

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Wells is Seven Months

seven months going on twelve. I kid, but only 9-12 month clothes really fit him. So…

He’s an absolute dream baby though and I look at him and then I look at Nick and I’m like, “we made that!” *heart eyes!*

  • He’s rolling over every which way
  • Has one tooth (finally!) with the other right about to surface
  • Still loves sweet potatoes and apples the best – has tried cantaloupe, yogurt melts and puffs
  • Enamored with his pup
  • Loves his brothers, Elmo and toys that make noise
  • Been sleeping in his crib over a month now! let’s just say everyone is sleeping better.
  • Big into his jumper
  • Say “balloon” and he’ll look up for one. Big fan!
  • Side sleeper
  • Has the cutest baby tan with roll tan lines
  • Enjoys a stroller walk, boat ride and dip in the pool
  • Hair is getting really light and his eyes are pretty much hazel
  • Working on clapping and waving hello/goodbye


Gah, I love you kid. I love your sweet perfect lips, your adorable deep laugh and your loving demeanor. You’re gentle and chill and everything we could have ever hoped for. You go with the flow, bring balance to this chaos and for the most part you keep up! You’re growing like a weed and I can’t believe in 5 short months we’ll be celebrating your first birthday. But until then, let’s relish in the last few weeks of summer and soak up all the cuddles before you get too mobile.

Mama loves you something serious kiddo.

WYC Designs #MakeitHomey Project

y’all this is a good one.

This was an early client – Sept 2020 – midst of the pandemic and we set our sights high! This sweet family in Lake Nona believed in me and what I could do and then 16 months later, we did it. We really did it.

The before and after is just insane and the feedback from The Indentite Co. reveal has been amazing. Now I get to share it in all it’s glory and say that with any renovation it has it’s challenges but the rewards are almost always worth it. From appliance and manufacturing delays we made it through.

Jamie Gernert, Founder of WYC Designs
Jamie Gernert, Founder of WYC Designs


Best part of the job is spending an afternoon styling the space and then photographing it. With a kitchen with so much charm and detail it didn’t need much. A quick trip to the grocery store for some props and a few items I’ve curated was truly all it needed.

The dual island might be my favorite element next to the counter to ceiling tile. The functionality and beauty of the main island from kid storage and large sink with cup rinser is a total dream. With the second island with the waterfall ledge and ample seating for their large growing family this kitchen is beyond and my clients are over the moon.

Gosh my gig is great.

Grateful for all the subs who helped me on this one.

Cabinets: Barry Neal Carpets – Starmark Cabinetry / Counters: Stone Crazy – Cambria Whitby Matte / Tile: Zia Zellige tile installed by Aegis Home Improvement / Appliance panels – Jessie’s Cabinets

Weekend Wants

finally some vacay plans are sneaking up and I’m eyeing all straw, tan and creamy.

Summer Entertaining with Shoppe Amber Interiors

this post is sponsored by Shoppe Amber Interiors but the thoughts and comments are all my own.

Summer heat is here (it’s literally 86 degrees by 9am) and thanks to the lovely folks at Shoppe Amber Interiors our summer glassware got a major glow up.

So to be honest, I saw the seagrass looks last year and was a little intimidated by the thought – does the material hold up well? what’s the actual glass like? are the weird to hold?

Jamie Gernert, Founder of WYC Designs
Jamie Gernert, Founder of WYC Designs

But with this new solid striped style that is exclusive to Shoppe Amber InteriorsI’m 100% on board with the woven looks. They are super hearty, easy to remove from the glass and instantly make even a pitcher of flavored water pretty damn cool. And truthfully for a statement like this, you’d think it would cost more. The pitcher is $38 and the glasses are $14.

And because I’m part of the ambassador program – HEYO! – use code JAMIE15 for all your Shoppe Amber purchases to save a little something.

yes, you read that right.

When summer is over, don’t fret. Store the sleeves on a top shelf in a cupboard and use the beautiful faintly tinted thick glasses all year round. Win win in my book.

Now are you team lemon water or watermelon!?

Weekend Wants

neutral paradise

Wells is Six Months

My dude is getting oh so big. He’s engaging more and more with just about everyone and developing the sweetest personality. I literally catch myself just staring in awe. I love this little guy so much.

  • 28.3 inches / 20.1 lbs – the biggest of our babies at this age!
  • Rolls over from front to back
  • Speaking of – rolls on rolls on rolls
  • Can sit up without any assistance
  • Grabs anything and everything
  • Likes to chime in whenever his brothers get loud
  • Still no teeth!
  • LOVES his jumper, blowing raspberries and shaking anything that makes noise
  • Big fan of balloons like his brother P
  • All about sweet potatoes and carrots. Working on other foods right now including teething crackers
  • Always on puppy watch
  • Enjoys sitting his high chair
  • Total boat babe – likes it when we go fast – and he’s getting a subtle little baby tan
  • Best way to make him laugh is by catching him by surprise
  • Can stand up with assistance and tries to take a step! #overachiever
  • Sleeping through the night is still a challenge but hopefully temporary! #mamaanddadaaretired
  • His hair is getting lighter and a little curly at the ends
  • If you say “sooo big” enough times, he’ll put his little fists in the air


You’re the sweetest bub. I love looking at your adorable almond shape eyes and gummy smile. You get so excited and kick and stretch and blow raspberries anytime we come close. You love being held or talked to. You crave attention and food and sometimes both at the same time. You’re devouring your solid foods and look so big in your high chair. We all love watching you grow and I can’t believe it’s already your HALF BIRTHDAY! I’m totally obsessed with you kid and literally eat you up every. single. day.

Mama loves you something serious.

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