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Wells is Five Months

gah, baby boy you’re growing up quick.

I swear everything about him changes by the day. As we gear up for summer and all the camps, trips and the infinite kiddo juggle I really don’t want to miss a thing.

  • He’s babbling up a storm
  • Good at mimicking us – sticks his tongue out, blows raspberries and copies whatever we do
  • Can hold his bottle and put his paci in his mouth
  • Loves to be spooked! A sure way to get a giggle or two
  • Very much into watching his older brothers
  • Has figured out we have a dog
  • Has tried banana and sweet potato and really not sure about either of them
  • Still teething and drooling like whoa
  • Comfortably wearing 6-9 mo clothes
  • Likes to play with anything that makes sounds
  • Into walks and car rides
  • A champ at tummy time and can roll over from front to back
  • Getting blonder and more hazel eyed by the day
  • Has this one leg that likes to rock/bounce – almost as if it was his “happy tail”
  • Loves his dada something BIG
  • Genuinely wants to be in/around the action


I could just stare at you for hours. Your face is so sweet and your smiles and smirks are literally the best. Your rolls are really starting to take shape and I on occasion call you endearingly my “chunky monkey!” When you stretch and flex your feet right before a diaper change gets me every single time. Even though you’re still not the best sleeper around here, you are mostly happy and cheerful and I love your sweet personality. Soon enough you’ll be eating tons of big boy foods, crawling around and pulling yourself up. I see you sneaking into any brotherly situation and having a complete ball. I’m excited for many more firsts this summer – trips to the beach, first plane ride and other exciting milestones. Know I love you SO much and can’t imagine this world without you.


Weekend Wants

feeling all the pretty pastels and nudes right now

Memorial Day Sales

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Beckoning Summer in Jenni Kayne

this post is sponsored by Jenni Kayne but the words and opinions are my own.

The unofficial start to summer is almost here and the humidity is right on par. With temps in the 90s and weekends on the lake, a grab and go summer dress like this one from Jenni Kayne is a summer staple. Add strappy leather flats to dress it up a notch and a cute bucket hat to shield you from the heat and bright rays is a must!

Thankful to have a resort style backyard to transition into summer with time with my boys, magazines and maybe a tan, if I’m lucky.

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Weekend Wants

spring pastels

Weekend Wants

all the spring florals and summer things.

Weekend Wants

gimme all spring neutrals

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