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Love Your Mother

Jamie Gernert, Founder WYC Designs

As a mom, we’re constantly on the go – doing what feels like a million things while putting everyone else first. Whether you’re a mama, animal mama, auntie – we all mother something and because of that take a second for yourself and a second to acknowledge all of those who make parenting possible.

I rounded up a few gift ideas because I feel like this holiday always sneaks up on us and some of these ideas take some planning.



Plus, any of these personal and cute gift ideas:

Weekend Wants

spring sets and notes of green.

Wells is THREE Months

My littlest monkey is getting so big.

  • He’s wanting to sit up, hold his bottle and getting closer to rolling over
  • Still teething with copious amounts of drool
  • Dude is a little cheeser and loves to smile at just about anyone
  • On the verge of giggling
  • Out growing all his 0-3 months clothes and we just ordered size 2 diapers! *tear!*
  • Eyes are looking more hazel and his locks are staying a light chestnut
  • Big into balloons like his middle brother and his jelly cat crinkle books

Sweet Wells,

It has been 3 months with you and I still can’t believe you are ours. You have the cutest grin and sweetest personality. You fit right in with us. We all just adore you. Mama kisses your face at least a million times a day and I try, even though it’s really hard, to be the best mama for you as I juggle your brothers and work and everything in-between. Know that we all love watching you grow and develop and really love it when you sleep through the night. Know that forever and always, mama loves you.

Weekend Wants

the only post I can somewhat keep consistent – c’est la vie

Weekend Wants

spring neutrals for closet and home.

Wells is TWO Months

Gosh, our baby is getting so big.

Over 11lbs and as strong as a 4 month old – he’s developing so fast. He’s cooing up a storm, loves to watch brother’s balloons or Hudson playing xbox and his smiles are infectious. We had our first sleep through the night and it was glorious. He’s barely fitting in his 0-3 months clothes and his hair is getting lighter.

I can’t stop kissing his sweet face and surprisingly really enjoying nursing this time around. He’s a sweet little bundle and we’re all still smitten.

We all love you little man.

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