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Gernert Party of 5

here is our new normal in the place we call home.

Most days it’s crazy, maybe even a bit chaotic, definitely loud but also full of life. I realize one day it won’t be this so I’m constantly reminding myself to soak it up.

Jamie Gernert, Founder WYC Designs
Jamie Gernert, Founder WYC Designs
Jamie Gernert, Founder WYC Designs

thank you Abby Cox for the photos. xx

Big Boys Bunk Up

as we prepare for Wells to make his way into Palmer’s old room, it’s time to get Palmer situated in Hudson’s room!

The biggest thing was to give Palmer a sense of place and we achieved that with this big boy bed that he’s been loving the last few months. We added some of his decor (light up P and personal art pieces) to make it feel like his room, too.

With Hudson’s bunk bed it allows for them to have some fun space and to grow into this room together. With a spot for reading and a spot for crafts/homework/coloring its the perfect shared space.

I love my two biggest kids so much and I’m excited to see them spend more time together.

Jamie Gernert, Founder of WYC Designs

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Wells’ Nursery Reveal

this post is sponsored by Pottery Barn Kids and Clare paint – thank you both for making this sweet space perfect for our 3rd boy.

Remember the mood board I had put together for our nursery refresh? Well, it’s not identical but it’s close and I love the color schemes and simple details that helps make this old but new room really shine for our sweet baby Wells.

Who, let’s be real, won’t be in his room for another 4-6 weeks, but when he’s ready his room will be!

It’s been important to me to make sure the Wells’ room is very different than Palmer’s original room and to make the transition for Palmer into Hudson’s room exciting and fun.

With all new nursery furniture and painted walls the space feels entire different!

Jamie Gernert, Founder of WYC Designs
Jamie Gernert, Founder of WYC Designs

I was looking forward to doing more of a curated look – then doing a typical nursery suite. This crib is such a focal point in black and then I added Rejuvenation hardware to the white dresser to tie them together.

With a simple vintage round mirror and custom pennant flag the decor is really simple. It was about tailoring things back and letting the furniture and paint color really pop.

I was also thrilled to get a new chair because they have gotten so good since our last PB rocker from 7 years ago. This Paxton rocker is amazing – it glides, rocks, swivels and reclines! It’s a dream and will help with long nights and sweet rocks with the babe.

I’m so grateful for these partnerships and for spaces like these to make memories in with my babies.

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paint color – Clare “Make Waves”

Wells is one month!

Jamie Gernert, Founder WYC Designs

I can’t believe I’m typing this out but Wells is over a month old now and I swear it went by with a blink of an eye.

We brought him home a week before Christmas and I swear it’s been non-stop ever since. Life with 3 is a bit of a juggling act but it takes a village and we have some amazing support.

While I start to figure out how to juggle Wells and work in the coming weeks, I have to dote on my little dude for a second…

He’s literally the sweetest – the best little demeanor and puts up with a lot around here.

I feel like he’s always nursing and prefers to be close. Doesn’t love the idea of a pacifier and diaper changes. Goob is starting to smile and make cooing noises which is the sweetest sight in the world.

We all love “our baby” and I’ve been so impressed with how the boys are reacting to him.


I couldn’t imagine a life without you in it. Though I love my sleep, I love you more and totally get carried away with giving you kisses.

Thank you for being the sweetest and for choosing me to be your mama. I love you something fierce, bub.


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