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Hello Spooky Season

it’s the kick off to all the special holidays we and the boys love the most! As September rolls around fall and halloween decor start to make their appearance. With two littles, Halloween is the preferred choice and with the shorter shelf life I typically give in pretty early. When October gets here though, we finalize costumes, stock up on halloween candy and bake all things pumpkin.

Jamie Gernert, Founder WYC Designs
Jamie Gernert, Founder WYC Designs
Jamie Gernert, Founder WYC Designs

For the most part I try to keep the decor pretty minimal with certain areas of the house that we focus on and then we do a ton of halloween crafts. To give the bats a bit of rest, I opted for the black matte butterflies and brought them to life in the main area of the house – the kitchen! With views from the living room and dining room it’s been a fun way to incorporate some spooky decor. They flutter from the corner and on to the pendant and really transforms the space. Also, these little butterflies are $12 for pack of 20. Score! We also have random skulls scattered throughout the house (the boys like bones!), small white pumpkins and painted branches and spiders.

Outside we keep it to a few skulls and black cats strategically placed for maximum impact – since our porch is tucked back you don’t really see the faux pumpkins. And with Florida heat, we wait til the last minute to snag our mums and pumpkins. It’s basically a constant month of decorating 🙂

Happy October, friends!

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Refreshing the Nursery for Baby #3

So here’s the plan…

P will eventually move into big brother’s room with his own toddler bed and the new babe will get the updated nursery probably right after the New Year.

A refresh is so important because I want Palmer to realize that the baby isn’t coming to take “his” room – it will be a new space that won’t be familiar to P anymore so by setting him up in brother’s room with his own toddler bed situation he’ll feel like he has a place and also won’t be alone. (fingers crossed).

We’ve had our original Pottery Barn Kids nursery furniture since Hudson was born – so quick math just about 7 years! It’s honestly been amazing but let’s be real… it’s time for new. Thanks to Pottery Barn Kids for helping us with this new set and for making a nursery already more versatile as our newest and youngest kiddo grows.

We’ve had grey nursery furniture and I’m ready to swap to something a bit brighter and natural – white with light wood accents will make such a big difference. The Cole Farmhouse Collection is the total look I’m going for plus the crib is 4 in 1, so it can be converted into different bed types as our youngest grows.

I’m honestly looking forward to this glider/recliner chair! As parents we’re in this seat a lot… late night feedings, nap time rocking and the list goes on. I’m excited for a more comfortable upgrade!

We’re going to do a floor lamp this time than a dresser lamp since we’ll need changing table space… add some cute hamper storage and cloud shelf w/ hooks and faux greenery and that will be it.

I decided to keep the Loloi rug in here because I love it so much and will add some solid Clare Paint or decals to change up the walls.

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Happy First Day of Fall!

a little glimpse of scattering some fall things around the house – dried florals, my fall candle and yes a little bit of spookies.

with two boys, halloween decor starts EARLY and that’s okay because fall decor still has some time to shine during the month of November.

When do you start decorating for Halloween? We’re going to mix it up a little bit this year and I’m excited to share some of the looks in October’s WYC Designs newsletter.

hope your month is full of cooler temps, candy corn, pumpkin spice things and extra cuddles.

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4 Fall Fashion Trends I’m Excited About

even with a growing baby bump a lot of these trends are versatile and super friendly. Changes in weather and seasons is such a great way to shift mindset and focus.

Even working from home most days, I get ready as if I’m heading to an office and it really sets the tone. As the temps drop (in the next couple months) I’m excited to add some layers.

1 // QUILT fabrics

From bags to shirt jackets. Love this look! It adds a level of dimension to simple silhouettes and creates a more structured look for fall.

2 // In VESTed

It’s easy to wear with and without a bump and it’s going to be a popular layer this fall/winter. So many chic styles emerging from affordable brands which makes it easy to give it a try and not break the bank.

3 // CLOGS & Stacked LOAFERS

Whether they have a heel or not, slip them on with cozy knit socks and dress them up or down. I’m eyeing some of the more casual options, but goodness they might be hard to pass up.


I’m not sure if I’m ready for flared jeans quite yet… but stretchy bell bottom pants are just flat out cool. They kinda transcend time and make the simplest thing like a rock t-shirt and vans next level.

Weekend Wants

soft neutrals, knits, brims and vintage patterns.

Introducing Autumn Leaves

I can’t take FULL credit here because my husband actually said – “are you going to make a fall candle this year?” and immediately I was like um, YES! It’s my favorite candle season and I have such an affinity for the novelty of all things fall, that really I couldn’t pass it up.

Deciding on this scent was easy and only took a single session to get it just right.

I tried to deviate from the typical fall notes like pumpkin and nutmeg, but I knew I wanted a lovely spice aroma to it.

Autumn Leaves is a mix of just that autumn leaves, chai spice and clove. It’s by far the best candle I’ve made and in total fairness if no one buys this thing it’s okay – I will gladly burn them all 🙂

But it is that good and now available to purchase via

Happy FALL y’all!


5 Things

1 // Pumpkin Spice Ombre Kit

With the lack of salon visits, I’m doing my nails more at home. Love Olive & June and their manicure kit and now this super sweet Pumpkin Spice color set – perfect for fall!

2 // FRAME multi-size jeans

With a fluctuating belly and a low desire to stock pile maternity pants/jeans before our baby comes, I love this concept. And let’s be real – we could all use some flexibility in the jean department some days.

3 // WHPA

I don’t get too political but I am passionate about this cause – this bill – this movement. As women, it’s critical that we have the right to DECIDE, to have ACCESS to all necessary healthcare and to NOT let someone else tell us how we can live our lives. Period. Take two seconds to click this link and to read more about the act and send a note to your local congress person.

4 // Halloween Decor Trend

Yeah, we all love the bats… but these butterflies are SO good. Snagged a few on Amazon and hope to get creative in the next week or two and will show you in our halloween decor reveal.

5 // MINI Mate

As a brand that I’ve been wanting to try for myself for years, they finally came out with a MINI version and now I’m even more tempted. Love the concept, the simple and organic colors and a quality that I know I can pass down from the oldest boy to the weee youngest.

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