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All About Our Primary Suite Window Treatments

this post is not sponsored by the shade store. 🙂

Jamie Gernert, Founder WYC Designs

By popular demand – this is all about the shades we did our primary suite. Which, total caveat took us over a year to decide and commit to. Our property is really quite private so the urgency for window treatments didn’t really set in for awhile. My husband, however, loves a dark bedroom so after a year of waiting it was time and we really really went for it.

We chose The Shade Store – we had picked up some samples at our local store. I knew what I wanted – a warm textured linen that would compliment the light paint but oak tones that we use throughout. We have dark furniture in our room so the textured linen added a nice balance.

A few of my favorite linen options:

Luxe Linen Beige, Linen Blend White, Linen Oatmeal

Jamie Gernert, Founder of WYC Designs
samples online will/do look different than tangible samples
Jamie Gernert, Founder of WYC Designs

The color and variations the Shade Store provides is unreal and honestly can get quite overwhelming. We snagged the samples and mulled on it for a day or two – we left the samples out in our room and compared it to our fabric bed frame, vintage print rug, paint color and natural light throughout the day.

We went with the Luxe Linen Beige – it had the most texture, weight and warmth that we were going for.

When it came to what window treatment, I knew I didn’t want drapes. We had drapes in our last home and the functionality of them just wasn’t going to work in this space. So we went with roman shades. We did blackout in our bedroom and privacy liners in our bathroom.

With roman shades you have options for which way the fabric rolls, valence or no valence, type of liner, hardware finish, inside or outside mount and the type of pleat. Because we don’t have deep window sills (our Windsor windows take a bunch of real estate) we needed to do an outside mount. Because we had to do an outside mount I wanted to add a valence so you couldn’t see the side profiles/hardware.

From a design perspective I encourage and try to do inside mount where ever it makes sense – it just looks really clean and seamless and works well too if you add other treatments like drapes.

With having (3) windows in our bedroom, we loved the idea of automating them. It seems like a luxury, because it is but it’s so worth it. These are battery operated and require a remote (no big!) and once or month or so you’ll need to plug the valence in to an outlet to re-charge. (Charging cables/remotes are included).

With the Shade Store they send their own techs out to site measure – this is SO key. Let them do all the measurements and then make sure you really look through your estimate in detail before you commit.

The ability to push a button at bedtime to get our shades to go down is such a sweet feeling. It’s one simple thing that can make the most exhausting of days more palatable and enjoyable. The routine of sleep is so important – it’s a time to decompress, relax and unwind.

A few things to note:

  • Trade discounts are legit. For my clients right now I can extend my trade discount of 30% off which on full home orders of $20k+ it’s a really really big deal and significant cost savings.
  • SNAG all the free samples you want.
  • For automation on romans or roller shades it typically adds $400-500 per shade.
  • Really think about liners – some fabrics do better with a liner. Sometimes you don’t need blackout, maybe a privacy is all you need.
  • Lead times are all over the place – so know that they may take a bit but will be totally worth it.
  • Always let their techs measure. They have amazing customer service, so if there is an issue with shade/drape size and fit vs. was was measured, they do a great job at replacing.

Our exact Shade Spec:

Weekend Wants

I’m seeing some fall things and I’m getting excited even though it’s not even peak summer!

5 Things

a little bit of this and that – from home, style, and baby things.

1 // Zara Home Sale

I might have stocked up on beautiful decor pieces like terracotta vases, new brass frames, some fresh linens and even some fun kid plates/silverware sets since it seems like we never have enough. Also, someone buy this rug – it looks amazing.

2 // Meet Everhem

Yeah I use the Shade Store for a majority of my projects, but this sweet small business making window treatments and slightly less expensive is an amazing resource! I just received a bunch of beautiful samples and I hope to use them on a few up-coming furnishing projects.

3 // Summer Fling

Even though it’s still July it feels like the peak of summer here in Florida. With a belly making my normal jeans a bit too uncomfortable I’ve been eyeing some easy breezy clothing items.

4 // New Baby List

Starting to take notes of some things I might want before our next sweet boy arrives. This carrier has gotten amazing reviews and I love the look of it. I mean, is this not a mood or what?! With two already, hands free will be essential. Also this purse organizer might be the new real MVP as I shutter to buy a whole new diaper bag.

5 // Morse Code Diamond Rings

What a cool and beautiful idea! Y’all know I love my ring stacks – love how personal these can be and obviously something that could be passed down for generations.

Keep It Natural with Merit

this post is sponsored by Merit but the words and opinions expressed are my own.

I’m a minimalist when it comes to make up – give me the necessities and I’m good. In the summer though, my routine gets even more simplified with a natural tan and a few whips of mascara and I’m pretty much out the door. On occasion, when I want to step it up a notch, I’ll shape my brows and add a little cheek stain and that’s about it.

Also when it comes to design I’m of the mindset less is more and when you can use natural materials vs. manufactured – why not!? There is something to be said about using natural elements that instantly makes a space feel warm, purposeful and perfect without even trying.

Since the new Merit line came out I’ve been hooked – amazing price points, trust worthy ingredients and only a key set of items for a simple 5 minute morning routine. Snag some online or at your nearest Sephora!

My go-tos:

Clean LashBrow 1980Flush Balm

Weekend Wants

a mix of new SM for Target #comingsoon and of course some cute clothing pieces to take me through belly and beyond.

5 Things

You can learn about me by my daily Pinterest pins. What I’m loving, colors I’m gravitating, food I’m craving… it’s like a little trip through my mind. So here are 5 things I’m loving lately…

1 // Growth is Growth

With half the year already over (whew, that was fast) are you feeling super accomplished or crazy behind? I think we all experience a little bit of both but this is a great reminder, that growth no matter how small is still growth. Growth means learning, growing, adapting, engaging and still developing into something bigger even if it doesn’t feel like it.


Turns out I’d like to be wearing all things loose and linen on the daily. Add an occasional wide brim hat and strappy sandal for good summer measure.

3 // Made w/ Love

I love Ariel Gordon jewelry and own a few pieces of my own but this cute bracelet kit is SO cute and I love stacking all the friendship style bracelets on one wrist.


4 // Bake me a list!

Pinning homemade muffins, cinnamon rolls and these brioche buns – um what!? Does this look like the most delicious way to start your morning? Cinnamon, date and walnuts. I think yes. Full recipe here.

5 // Laundry Vibe

Been doing a lot more research on laundry design for a few projects – I feel like these spaces just need to shine! Loving this bright, neutral but heavily detailed laundry space so much! Built by @tbc_thebuildingcompany
Photography @_christopher_morrison Architecture Tim Evans Architect

Weekend Wants

a mix of cute summer items and home essentials mostly all on sale – happy holiday weekend!

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