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Weekend Wants

a mix of warm neutrals and touch of rust. gimme.

Palmer – 23 Months

I mean, he’s practically 2. He’s every bit of crazy and wild and rambunctiuos. When he’s happy he’s like REALLY happy. When he’s tired and cranky he’s REALLY cranky. He’s found new independence with being to get in and out of his crib quite successfully. He’s napped a few times in his rocking chair, because well… he can.

  • All things balloons and balls
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly Simple Song still a favorite! I sing it to him before bed every night.
  • Can count to 11!
  • Loves to sing happy birthday, ABCs and NSYNC Christmas tunes.
  • Favorite color is green.
  • Big fan of coloring and prefers to use his right hand
  • He’s a DIPPER – loves ketchup and will gladly dip anything into it
  • Obsessed with his Papa
  • Not a great listener and hates following the rules – certified boundary pusher
  • The sweetest demeanor and loves animals
  • Pretty sure he has a magnetic pull towards danger or risk
  • Total charmer – will never miss an opportunity to say “hiiiii!” to a stranger. Even if he’s in the backseat and there is motorcycle along side us.
  • Worships his big brother
  • Wears size 6 diapers but will pee through them at night
  • Has a favorite blankie with chewed corners
  • Likes to wear shoes and his helmet and will occasionally get upset when we go to take them off
  • Great at riding his bike and likes to sit on the big kid seat on the stroller
  • Wants to wear socks to bed
  • Ask him how old he is – 50% change he’ll either say 1 or 2
  • Ask him how old brother is – “brother is six.” #nailedit

Palmer James,

You have a way of pushing every button and still make me overflow with crazy love. You’re wildly different and I love your spirit. You make parenthood oh so challenging but I’m so grateful. I wanted you so badly and I wanted to give Hudson the greatest gift I had ever received before you boys were born – which is your Auntie Erin. Even though you test and push you also love right back even harder. I can’t get enough of you. I can’t wait to see how you change this next year – you’re going to be TWOOOO and I can’t believe it. Know how much I love you today and always.


My Five 2021 Interior Trend Picks

I’m seeing so many trend predictions already – some I’m 100% on board with and some I think are still kinda missing the mark. With a client base of over 8 now (thank you, you lovely people you!) I’m getting a sense of what people are looking for… needless to say, a lot of it is still similar to the main stays like use of white and warmth, but how to take those elements up a notch?

Well, here’s what my prediction is:

1 // Old Meets New with Checkerboard Patterns

Take the traditional checkerboard style and make it special with a unique size or color palette. I’ve been itching to do one and I think it might happen in my Los Gatos project – loving the idea of using more durable and practical materials vs. expensive marble – like cement or ceramic. I also loved the carpet pick (checker board pattern) in a closet Studio McGee just transformed – gave such a classic update!

2 // More Warmth

Think wood tones, vintage pieces and dark rust touches in rugs, furniture or decor. Anthology Studio uses this color palette so well and they are getting a lot of love for it. It’s taking a neutral space and elevating it just enough to make it more current. Also, more wood touches in bathrooms might be a big thing, too. A few pieces in this realm:

3 // Unassuming Window Colors

White and black will always be popular BUT I think folks are thinking outside the box now – think a tonal grey (like my house) or a beautiful light blue. It immediately changes the elevation of a home and adds personality without breaking the bank.

4 // Wall Details Matter

If it’s not wallpaper then it’s a ROMAN CLAY texture paint. Portola Paints has an amazing collection to give walls some character and color in more of a significant way. But wallpaper is also here to stay – almost every project I’m working on right now will have some sort of wallpaper in it.

5 // Kitchen Features

Marble integrated sinks, or marble farmhouse apron sinks are such a dramatic statement. Also incorporating a more elaborate hood design – with tile, texture and movement. Mark my words – the 2021 hood will stand out vs. blend in. And think color – from putty to jewel tones – kitchens will be stepping up their color game in conjunction with more use of natural materials like stone and slate.

Weekend Wants

neutrals, sculptures, and a clean palette.

*ps. these mules are under $50. run, don’t walk.

Studio McGee x Target Spring Must-Haves

hands down their best collection yet.

I want everything and ordered what I could. It’s a beautiful mix of neutrals and natural elements that make me swoon! Classic shapes, stunning greenery and a new dining collection to elevate your everyday.

Shop now before they are all gone!

Studio McGee x Target Spring Line 2021 Must Haves!

Weekend Wants

an elevated sense of cozy with a heavy turn towards texture.

New Year New Medley Bed

I love the idea of starting the year off on the right side of the bed! It sounds kinda corny, pun was totally intended, but truly I am.

I love sleep. Like really really really love sleep.

We had our old Pottery Barn bed for 7 years and although it was still pretty perfect, we needed a change in our master especially with the new design direction of our home. I knew I wanted a fabric frame again, something clean and simple that would go with our natural wood tones and earthy textures. Thankfully MEDLEY HOME reached out and we ended up being a match made in sleep heaven.

Jamie Gernert, Founder of WYC Designs

As a small business with all of their products hand crafted out of CA (love me some CA and some small businesses!) they specialize in eco-friendly home furnishings. From living room to bedroom they cover a ton and all ethically sourced and made. Not only is the quality top notch but the fabric choices are all amazing and are for real life. The Medley Home customization on every piece of furniture is amazing and makes their offerings perfect for just about everyone. Delivery and install (even during covid) was quick, painless and really seamless.

We got the Bramo bed in Oyster with oak leg details. We also got their organic latex mattress which has been a welcomed change for my back and general sleep comfort.

Would I recommend this bed/mattress to a client? 100%. As I work on a few furnishing projects in 2021 you best believe I will advocate for Medley Home furniture. Being able to personally use and love a product is the best testament. I also appreciate the organic materials, the understated and simple design aesthetic and their customer service.

Kicking off the New Year with a fresh bed and good sleep is just what we need. 2021, I’ve got big dreams for you. Literally.

shop other Medley Home favorites:

Ridge Accent Chair | Atten Wide Dresser | Mota Sectional

linens: if only home (organic cotton)

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