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Natural elements mixed with notes of blue, green and warmth.

Our Master Closet Reveal And How Wayfair Completed the Look

One of many rooms in our home that gives me JOY is the master closet. Surpised?! Nah. It was also one area of our house that I didn’t want to skimp or compromise on. It’s no secret I appreciate style and fashion, but there’s just something about a beautiful, well thought out and organized closet.

As much as the closet system itself is just LOVELY, I did partner with Wayfair to complete the space that gives me so much joy. It didn’t take much to make it comfortable and cozy, but let me explain everything that went into it first.

I drafted and sketched my own closet design and with some inspiration images (I love Jacey’s closet) I handed it over to Seacoast Closets (now Clark Design Group) and they made it come to life. We did 24″ depth cabinetry, which was important to me to have the clothes completed covered. That also meant our drawers were longer which was also a win! It was also important to me to add custom lighting – because we added the track lighting we wouldn’t be able to adjust the hanging sections so we did suspended rods which I think really elevate the look and added the front framing elements to hide the track lighting. We each have our own shelving stack for shoes and such, valet hooks which typically display my favorite clothes and his sweaty gym clothes and then we share a joint hamper which works out great. The lighted cubbies showcase some of my favorite handbags and are an easy place to swap out items or even additional storage if need be.

Since it’s literally the only room in the house without a window, I wanted to make sure it felt bright – so we did white cabinetry, recessed can lights, the in-closet track lighting and then a beautiful brass drum fixture. Wayfair has some great brass lighting options like this one and this one!

To finish the space up, Wayfair was kind to share a budget with me so I could put the finishing touches on the space. Since we opted to NOT do a closet island, I knew we would add some sort of seating in here.

I found this bench on Wayfair and loved the natural look of it. It has reclaimed pine wood legs and a neutral upholstered top. The size was perfect and it’s just over $200. We also added a patterned rug (like this one or this one) which warms the space and gives the bench a nice prime spot in the center.

I also snagged a durable, tall wicker basket for the miscellaneous shoes and things that don’t need a home on a shelf – think flip flops, moccasins and old tennies that I don’t want to part with but need a designated spot.

And for any closet upgrade – these wood hangers are so nice! They are better on your clothes but also make it super clean which I love. Grab an affordable set from Wayfair!


5 Things

Lots of amazing things to share today – feeling really inspired and grateful for the social love.

1 // Colin King on More Than One Thing

I know folks are talking about Jeremiah and Nate on More Than One Thing with Athena – which is really good BUT keep listening and tune into the Colin King episode, too. I loved this series last week while I was working on design projects and their stories.

A key takeaway ” Don’t strive for perfection. Strive for completion.”

2 // Jenna Peffley

I could stare and scroll through her site all day long. Visually her photography just speaks to me – it’s crisp, bright and focal. Her work is amazing and one that I’ve been lately super inspired by.

3 // A Creamy Warm DREAM Kitchen – Becki Owens

Yep, she SAID THAT! I’m still reeling and still a little miffed at Instagram at the same time – since I couldn’t keep up with the likes, comments and questions. The outpouring support of our kitchen design is surreal and I’m so grateful. See Becki’s blog post here and IG post here.

4 // Santa Cruz Prints

This Santa Cruz based photographer killing it and selling some amazing photographs of the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk through Pottery Barn! Gonna buy a Palm print and put it in P’s room. He’s named after a street in Aptos (a hop and skip from Santa Cruz) and compliments his name so much.

5 // Remember

Keep dreaming. Keep pushing. Keep expanding. Keep pursuing what sets your heart on fire.

How We’re Making Meal Time More Fun At Home

this post is sponsored by Pottery Barn Kids

It’s been months since we’ve actually gone to a restaurant to eat. I honestly can’t remember the last place we dined at. We used to eat out Friday through Sunday – we’d have our local favorites and of course Kelly’s for ice cream afterward.

No we’ll order in a 1-2 nights a week but for the most part we’ve been cooking a ton at home. It’s been refreshing to spend the time together in the kitchen cooking up new meals. I don’t miss the hassle of packing a diaper bag, remembering all the things and considering the time it takes to get to and from a restaurant.

The kids, however, I’m sure have been wanting a new change of scenery so I thought about a couple things we could do to make meal time more fun…

1 / Change where we eat

We always sit at the dining room table for lunch and dinner. It’s been easier that way since Palmer is typically in his high chair. They have a sight line of the TV and we have ample space, but with this new table top adjustable chair Palmer can sit at the island with all of us as we cook and hang out. It’s been fun to see them eating at the same level – I can only imagine what their future dinner conversations are going to be like.

2 / Switch up what they eat with

Pottery Barn Kids has the cutest selection of table top items – with Hudson’s new love for all things Toy Story we got him the Toy Story set (complete with plate, bowl and big kid cup!) and then Palmer got a super cute lion set (plate & bowl, placemat and bib!) It makes serving up the same lunch items exciting and new.

3 / Let them pick

We’ve been asking what they like eating lately and add it to Nick’s weekend shopping list. They typically pick what they each want for lunch – we’re luckily that the answer isn’t just “cereal” or “fruit snacks” – usually they want pb&j sandwiches with some sort of cracker and fruit. And if they choose to stay in their Toy Story pajamas til lunch, I decided to give up on that fight too. After all it is SUMMER.

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Weekend Wants

natural elements, not enough tie dye and sweet little home accents!

Palmer – 17 Months

My littlest is looking SO big – soon he’ll be half way to TWO and I can’t believe it.

  • Constantly on the hunt for a controller so he can play video games with big brother.
  • Requests “Happy” by Pharrel Williams on repeat and loves to dance
  • Wants to watch videos of Papa
  • Still into Simple Songs on YouTube and Sesame Street
  • New found love for muffins
  • All of sudden we’re just “MOM” and “DAD” !? Um, how do I fix this?
  • Can say “Hudson” clear as day
  • Obsessed with finding trash cans
  • Currently in swim lessons and hates them but LOVES swimming and floating when his instructor isn’t there – total water baby
  • Getting more into coloring and less into eating markers
  • Wants to give Roxie a “treee” aka treat a couple times a day
  • Likes our wagon rides to the lake and seeing all the ducks
  • Can name all the ingredients when we’re doing taco night! Kid will eat the beef, onion, tomato and cheese by the fistfuls.
  • Knows how to open up the island drawers now – so that’s fun.
  • Still taking 2 naps a day and sleeps from 8:30pm to 8am #score
  • Has the blondest little mullet forming #coronahair
  • On his last paci
  • King of getting into things he shouldn’t, hiding in dark places and being absolutely still and quiet
  • All about hide and seek, pulling out snacks in the pantry and giving Roxie loves
  • A whole horrible facetimer
  • Will stick his feet in the air and yell “STINKY” – indeed, kiddo.
  • Ask him anything, odds are he’ll just say “No.”


My little love – you make me smile. I’m obsessed with everything about you. Even the naughty tendencies – which, says something. I love your love. Your sweet voice, your crazy deep giggle/cackle thing and I love your quirky mannerisms. I’m so proud of how fearless you are – from swimming to activities to eating you do everything full tilt. The sound of your fast little feet tapping the ground as your scatter throughout the house brings me so much joy. MAMA loves you, bubs.

Falling for Rattan

I’m on a rattan kick at the moment – I’m in love with the organic feel it gives off and appreciate the simplistic natural of it.

I found a treasure of rattan lighting options on Etsy and with all the new rattan summer kitchen decor – it all screams summer to me.

So I took a few minutes and did a quick round up of all my new favorite rattan pieces for home.

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