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Weekend Wants

Loving light, bright and a mix of tie dye.

5 Interior Design Accounts & 5 Interior Design Hashtags to Follow Now

Of the 949 accounts I follow majority have turned into interior design accounts. With some recent reposts of my kitchen I’ve been introduced to so many new friends and fellow design enthusiasts and lots of brilliant DIYers that I wanted to take a second to share some that have really caught my eye.

1 // @oakstonehomeiowa

They are killing it right now and only posting their original content. Their homes are FULL of swoon worthy details. They share the entire process from design, construction to finished product.

2 // @brettandkara

They have had some exciting shares lately and it’s completely well deserved! Their projects from design to interiors are impeccable! They are fun and refreshing.

3 // @mcafeehomeliving

We stumbled across each other (I think she saw Emily’s post with my kitchen and reached out!) She used to live nearby and we immediately bonded. She’s a sweet mama with a similar design aesthetic who is super gutsy in design and DIY projects.

4 // @evalarocqueinteriors

Does the whole #californiacasual thing that I love so much. Simple, bright and flawless. She turns coastal into something fresh and new. For those like WHITE, she’s your gal.

5 // @laurenbradshawdesign

Lauren brings in a mix of styles that are so cool. She’s just so cool. She doesn’t shy from color or shape. She has a way of turning a space that didn’t look it had potential into a freaking show stopper. Constantly inspired by her posts and her brand.

As for some lovely hashtags:

  • #casualmodernhome
  • #idcoathome
  • #designmadeeasy
  • #wearevivir
  • laurenconradcoloves

Weekend Wants (some on major sale!)

I’ve got a type and a certain color palette alright! Ps. a lot of the home decor stuff is on sale!

Palmer – 15 Months

He’s a wild one, folks! This babe is a bundle of energy – constantly on the go, a total busy body and gravitates towards anything unsafe, scary or frowned upon.

He’s got the sweetest curls, the bluest eyes and the cutest silly face around. His open mouth kisses are my favorite and the intense way he says MAMA after a long day is the best.

  • Likes to point and touch my noise and “teeth”
  • Only wants his toothbrush there is toothpaste on it
  • Likes to help himself to snacks if the pantry is open
  • Favorite foods include: rice, cous cous, CADO (avocado), strawberries, fruit snacks, mac & cheese and chicken
  • Feeds Roxie allll the things
  • Another blanket lover – has to have quite a few in his crib and then he grabs them all when get him out of his crib in the morning
  • Big fan of pushing and pulling things
  • Wants to climb onto every piece of furniture
  • Obsessed with Simple Songs on YouTube and likes to follow along to some of their songs
  • Says “Coo Coo” which is thank you unprovoked and on occasion
  • Ask him to repeat a word and he’ll try it. Odds are it won’t be right, but he’s totally trying.
  • Some words include variations of the following: mama, gaga, thank you, more, papa, gigi, kiki, water, car, ball, shoes, waffle, baby, baba, book, bus, go, trash
  • Signs for please
  • LOVES music and singing and dancing
  • Dino books are a big hit as of late and any other book he’ll want to stall bedtime with
  • Prefers to play outside – no fear of the pool
  • For awhile wanted to throw every dirty diaper of his in the trash
  • Wants to “help” close and open every cabinet or door
  • If you ask how old he is, he’ll show you the number 1!
  • Wants to do everything with his big brother – ride bikes, run, play ball, climb trees…
  • A few major scrapes and cuts as he continues to push boundaries
  • Getting SIX new teeth in right now, including molars.
  • 18-24 mo clothes, even bigger feet and moving onto size 5 diapers
  • Goes down at 8:30 and up between 7/7:30am

Palmer James,

I love you something fierce kiddo. It’s funny how you can drive me up a wall sometimes and then I just want to hold you and eat you up. You’re super heavy by the way. You’re determined and resilient and mighty and I love your fearlessness. You are full of JOY and WONDER and I can’t believe just how perfect you are but also so very different from Hudson. The amount of love you bring to our family and your grandparents and aunts is insurmountable. P you are a bright light and I loveeee being your mama. Know today and always you are my pride and joy.

Mama loves you.

Our Full Kitchen Reveal

Y’all have been so patient as we finish up moving in and putting the finishing touches on our kitchen. The last big piece was getting our pendant hung and now it’s up and the space is a DREAM.

Like most design projects, it was a labor love – the kitchen consumes a lot of your time in order to get the flow, storage and aesthetic just right. It can be complicated, overwhelming but also the most rewarding. It deserves the attention it requires – it’s the one place everyone will be at any given time.


I immediately started tweaking it and tossing out ideas with the guys on my team at LunDev to make it just right. The sink was originally in the island opposite the range and the window at the sink wall now was basically all cabinets.

I’m so glad we really worked through those revisions, because the large island and massive sink window was my #1 ask. As you can see on the plan, I removed the additional bar sink and appliance and left the island as a large furniture piece.

architect: gary hancock, winter park design


I shared the mood board for our kitchen in this post.

All of the elements that I had in my head really worked. A lot of them were gut based and others were a total risk like the Pietra Cordosa tops.



The perimeter cabinetry is by Mid Continent – I did a classic shaker style door, slab drawer fronts in their Divinity White. We customized some of the cabinets to help with storage (which I’ve talked about before) – spice racks, tray dividers and pull out pantry drawers. Since the refrigerator wall was the only wall with upper cabinets, we took them to the ceiling to make a full built in look. We didn’t do inset cabinetry which is super popular among interior designers, but it just wasn’t practical for our style and quite frankly budget. We did add some filler material between under cabinet boxes that resembled custom cabinet legs which I think made a huge difference and we paneled our main appliances which keeps the look light and custom.

The island was custom made from Jessie’s Cabinets and all started with a hand drawn sketch I did. They tweaked it a little and added the arch detail which I love. We went through a couple rounds of stains before we settled on this one and it’s such a focal point. It’s made from white oak and it has a warm and natural tone to it. It’s size is roughly 121″ x 60″

We hang, cook and congregate around this dream boat. The storage is ample and open seating at the end is flexible. Couldn’t ask for more.

The hardware I knew was going to be predominately brass. I’ve selected a ton of hardware for past projects and I just love the feel of Rejuvenation hardware the best. We used their Vernon collection in un-lacquered brass and I love them so much. I mixed it up using bin pulls, pulls, knobs and even the cupboard latch for under the sink. We also used Rejuvenation appliance pulls in brass and it coordinated perfectly! They have a classic look, but feel hearty to the touch so it was a win win.

The island hardware is a beautiful black bin pull which I thought would add some nice contrast and tie in some of the black elements like the range and sconces. They are also super affordable!



One of the most exciting parts of the kitchen. Walking slabs and visiting stone suppliers is SO fun to me. We worked with Caesarstone from the get go on selections – I fell in love with their grey/brown calacatta marble quartz (Calacatta Nuvo Honed) and used that on the sink wall/splash, range wall splash and side counters/splash at the refrigerator wall. It was important to keep the kitchen light but it provided just enough veining and detail that elevated those spaces. It hides imperfections and is super easy to maintain.

The island in my mind was always going to be different than the rest of the kitchen. When I saw Pietra Cordosa used in a couple kitchens on instagram I knew I needed to use the material. It’s a natural stone which I loved – a lot of the materials in our home has a “natural vibe” to it so when I found a few slabs I snagged them. They are imperfect and I love that. We increased the thickness at the island (which I think is why a lot of you think it’s concrete) and flanked both sides of the range. This stone has a high tolerance for heat, so I loved how the island and range tops match – they are a natural extension of each other.

If you want to learn more about Pietra Cordosa – here you go.



Ferguson helped us with all of our plumbing selections and they put together a solid Kohler package that we couldn’t pass up. We had a stainless farmhouse sink in our first home but I really wanted a porcelain apron front one this time. I love how large this sink bowl is (deep too!) and the side drain is awesome. This faucet was Nick’s pick – the other option we toyed with was definitely more elegant and didn’t have a pull down, it had a side spray, so we went with the practicality of this one and it was for sure the right choice. A friend asked why it was stainless vs. brass or black and the honest answer was, I didn’t think this style came in brass that would match all the hardware. I’m at a mindset where not everything has to go together, but I would rather have them very different than just slightly off.



At LunDev we work with Aggressive Appliances and they have a great selection of appliances and the service is impeccable! We got an amazing deal on a Subzero suite since our home was slated to be in the Parade of Homes which has now been postponed. Le sigh. We paneled all the appliances in the kitchen to keep it light and neutral (refrigerator, refrigerator drawers and dishwasher) and kept the stainless under counter microwave in the pantry. The appliances are top notch and we’re super pleased with them all.

The refrigerator drawers have been an amazing addition to our kitchen – the kids have their own drawer for snacks and drinks since it’s easier to get to than the main fridge and then we have our own dedicated drawer for beer and adult beverages when we have friends and family over. I highly recommend them!

As for the range, this was a DREAM of mine. I’ve obsessed over these Lacanche Ranges for awhile now and have saved a million kitchens on Pinterest with this french range. After talking it through with Nick I got him on board. Our range wall was massive and I didn’t want it covered in cabinetry so the range was really important – he loved that he could completely customize it to his cooking style (he’s the chef, folks) and I loved it purely from it’s vintage and elegant feel. I’ll do a deep dive on the range in a later post. It’s that special.



We kept it minimal – with the white space of drywall above the range and an insanely large island I wanted a single big lighting statement. I saw these pendants in Goop’s headquarters and I was like YES. So the large 52″ brass dome pendant is Restoration Hardware and the black/brass wall sconces at the sink wall are Visual Comfort. Other than that we have some recessed lighting strategically placed, under cabinet lighting and some puck lights on either side of the range. I scoured the internet and couldn’t find a similar 52″ brass dome for less, but here are a few smaller brass options that could totally work.



Open shelving is so fun and needed at the sink wall since again, no upper cabinets there. It was a way to showcase fun pictures, cute cookware but also have a practical space to grab a quick glass or plate. The shelving and brackets are sold together from Rejuvenation. I just had our painters paint the shelf so the white would match the shiplap wall (Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee). I think it doesn’t crowd that wall too much and keeps it open and airy which lets the shiplap shine!



We have a cubbie theme throughout our house – we utilized a lot of wall space to create storage space – we did built ins in the main living room, master bathroom and also at the range wall. They are perfect spot for pepper mills or olive oils, cutting boards and now art pieces. It’s also hides our power source, so I was able to keep the backsplash super clean. The natural wood base that is flush with the counter is a fun little detail that I worked with our carpenter on. We also did vertical shiplap at the sink wall which coordinates with the foyer and laundry.


This was something folks asked me to touch on. I actually don’t have a bunch of regrets but I do think I would have done a single door at the pantry instead of a double door. Having to open both doors to pull the pantry shelves out isn’t the most convenient. Other than that maybe another (but smaller) dishwasher for quick runs and possibly an additional trash cabinet. We’ve been making it work though and copied the chef from when we did a cooking class in Mexico and we use a large mixing bowl on the island for trash. And no regrets on a pot filler, I really like the long and clean splash as it is.

And y’all that’s it in a nut shell! You saw the layout, my design plan and now the final product from every detail! It’s a space that I think I will forever twirl in, dance in and be happy in.

DECOR Sources

Rejuvenation Stools | Target Studio McGee bowl | Farmhouse Pottery Vase |Farmhouse Pottery match strike & holder | Target Studio McGee candle | Cutting boards | Magnolia Cookbook | Le Creuset pot | Target Studio McGee Art Print | Farmhouse Pottery Milk Jug | Canvas Home dishes | Public Goods towels | Public Goods Soap | Public Goods Sponge | McGee & Co bowl (similar) | Kate Spade NY Measuring Cups | Loloi Rugs

5 Things

Sharing a few things that caught my eye as of late. Things I save and go back to over and over again.

via @lightanddwell

1 // Planters and Plants oh my

Our front porch still has nothing on it – I’m hoping we can take the long holiday weekend and literally spruce it up a bit. I’ve been eying the Studio McGee pots from Target and a pretty striped indoor/outdoor rug to go under our large doormat. Maybe we’ll add a cute bench and some pillows, but that can be later on.

via @ladyfalconcoffeeclub

2 // Lady Falcon Coffee

Just found them online yesterday via Goop’s article – how have I not heard of them before? A woman owned coffee company based out of the bay with a rad coffee mobile. CA friends – have you heard of them? I’m going to get Nick to order some beans. #shopsmall

via @laurenbradshawdesign

3 // The Unexpected

Been sharing my kitchen a ton lately but also consuming a ton of others – it’s fascinating how a certain design can make you feel. I love this unexpected kitchen so much – the green, the minimalism and the lovely book storage. Perfection!

via @when_we_were_young

4 // Summer Toes

I ordered a pair of swim shoes off Amazon for Hudson – they were super cheap and not all this cute and they are beginning to fall apart. I LOVE these ones so much and will most likely snag a pair – perfect for pool decks, pool surfaces, boats and shelly beach shorelines. #floridakids

via @chrissyjpowerswellness

5 // The Real Question

A chance to reflect is always good. I’m motivated now more than ever to pursue what is best for me and my family – whether it be more flexibility, a shift in work focus and prioritizing the essential. I hope we all come out of this grateful for the time we took to slow down, reflect and to also provide some grace and understanding towards others.

Weekend Wants

A lot of spring decor – faux flowers and pretty planters. I’m also coveting more books to read but also style! These tie dye joggers are way cute and under $20! So many good little steals right now

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