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Get Our Powder Look for Less

The powder bath to me is one of the most important rooms in the house. Just like the kitchen it gets a TON of use. Not not just from those that live there but every single guest. It was important for me to make our powder bath feel like us, but also dress it up a notch.

I’m going to share a few ways to achieve this look for less!

I did have an inspiration photo to start, but we definitely put our own spin on it. We did a custom iron base, used the excess Pietra Cordosa stone from our kitchen counter tops and used the Kohler Purist wall mounted faucet. The black arched mirror didn’t cover too much of the wallpaper, which was really important to me. The mirror was also $290 bucks, so it was perfect. The wallpaper is my favorite element since it’s the wallpaper from the Wythe Hotel in which we got married at. It’s part of story and really adds charm to the walls. In our last powder bath, especially with two kids, we collected so much stuff in the cabinet, that I wanted to try to eliminate that all together. I have a basket in the corner for extra hand towels and rolls of toilet paper and so far, it’s working out just fine.

I found some amazing pieces for fractions of the price to get a similar look to our powder bath! The removable wallpaper from Home Depot is pretty darn close!

shop this look below:

Mandi Nelson Presets

I’ve been following Mandi for awhile now – her feed is stunning and she captures life with young kids so beautifully.

She’s talented in all things photography so it makes sense that she curated her own presets and sells them.

mandi nelson – summer preset collection
mandi nelson – NEW winter preset collection

For those who don’t have the time to create and make your own edits, these presets are so worth it! My favorite is Honeysuckle (shown below), but Cotton and Peony are up there, too! I like a warm tone to my photos – nothing too stark – and those are perfect!

She even goes into detail on how to install and use. I went through these step by step and didn’t have an issue!

If I were to put some presets together would you be interested? I’m seriously considering it!

Newest Accessory – Masks

As I purchased a pack of 5 masks last week, I was thinking – I NEED to do a quick post on where to buy them. These are obviously not medical grade, but a great alternative for those moments when you branch out among others and need to add a layer of protection.

It seemed like every clothing brand was whipping them up but here are a few that are but also making a difference.

Odells Shop – masks in their signature fabrics, in adult and kid sizes where with every mask purchased creates 10 meals to help feed those in need (via Feeding America.) $10 per mask.

Reformation – a highly popular clothing brand that prides on being sustainable and eco-friendly. I purchased a pack of 5 for $25. You can also donate a pack of 5 and also buy in bulk 250!

Khanh – adorable masks that sell out quick! $20 each – sign up for email alerts when items are restocked.

Matteo – sustainably made and sold in 5 packs for $25. You can also donate a pack of 5. Clean, simple and minimal cotton design that is machine washable.

Alice & Olivia – their signature print is now on a mask ($10 each) and with every mask purchased they will donate one to communities in need.

Mother’s Day Round Up

via @ourgirlielittlelife

Crazy to think Mother’s Day is just around the corner and with current state of things I think it’s safe to say mothers all over are doing their best to juggle a million things.

Here is a mix of ideas that range from comfy clothes, personal touches, relevant tech updates, and things that can make “being at home” more enjoyable.

I realize not everyone can buy things as of late, so here are few other things you can make and mail to those sweet mama figures in your life:

  • Handmade sun-catcher – so many beautiful displays in windows these days, brighten mom’s or grandma’s day with one of these!
  • Grandkid silhouettes – Emily Henderson just did a post on this DIY and it’s super cute and looks easy enough.
  • Model clay gifts – we just got some and Hudson is getting super into it. I love the terracotta color the best, but cute to make dishes, trinkets or even sculptures!
  • Order some family masks that are kinda cute but also with every purchase feeds kids in need.
  • Donate to Feeding America or No Kid Hungry in their name.

Wishing all the mamas, grandmas, aunts, soon to be mamas, dadas who are mamas and everything in-between a wonderful Mother’s Day. Hug your mamas and babies tight.

Palmer – 14 Months

This kid continues to beat to his own drum. He’s as wild as he is sweet. Truly a “push all the boundaries” kid but goodness me, he’s cute.

  • Only #14monthsold but looks so much older
  • He’s gone from walking to practically running, jumping, climbing and booty dancing.
  • Can sign for more and please.
  • LOVES the Frozen II soundtrack and will gladly sing, I mean scream a long.
  • Big into all things animals (stuffed or real) – likes noisy animal books and will constantly find Roxie to give her kisses.
  • Will ask for and follow along to the “open shut” song through Simple Songs.
  • Still a fan of Elmo and now Snuffy!
  • We’re pretty sure he’s allergic to black beans. Hudson at this age, loved them!
  • Helps himself to the pantry, dog water bowl and just about every cabinet.
  • Likes veggie straws, puffs, broccoli, shredded cheese, mac & cheese, fruit snacks, strawberries and cous cous. Read as – kid likes to eat.
  • Wants and tries to do everything brother does. #monkeysee
  • Enjoys walks, bike rides, picking up sticks and lantern duty with dad and big brother.
  • Starting to show interest in Hudson’s old balance bike!
  • Can say(ish): hello, mama, gaga = dada (we’re trying to fix it), kaka = kiki, gigi, papa, bath, boat, bubbles (in reference to the pool), go and waffle.
  • Speaking of waffles, likes to help mama put the frozen waffles in the toaster every morning.
  • Starting to get super cute blonde curls at the nape of his neck. GAH!

Palmer James,

Goodness, I love you bubs. You are SO big and I can’t believe just how cute, funny and spunky you’re getting. To say you’re different from your brother is an understatement – you have such a wild spirit.

You have this vibrance about you that just radiates and you have this ability to melt my heart with every “mama”, kiss and cuddle. You’re tough and resilient and peaceful all at the same time. You’re intense when you need to be. I couldn’t imagine you being any other way and I promise to love and cherish all you are and all that you are becoming.

Mama loves you.

A Lamp Trend I’m Loving Lately

I’ve been seeing this organic jar type lamps with slope shades and I’m in awe. They add such a unique statement and vibe to any space I see them in.

Whether it be the kitchen (lamps in the kitchen are super trendy right now) or living room, bedside tables – it’s all perfection. It gives a worldly, vintage feel without being dated.

Lamps not only provide use (light!) but help create a warmth when harsh light just isn’t needed. It’s a romantic thing, I would say – soft and ambient light

image via pinterest
image via @chrislovesjulia
via @goldalamode
image @studiomcgee by lucy call

I scoured the internet and found a slew of beautiful lamps like these across every price point.

5 Things

It’s been awhile – but I wanted to go ahead and carve out some time to type one up and share a few things that I’ve come across and think are super awesome.

These posts are actually pretty popular and I’m sorry they have been neglected – I’ll be better about sharing cool things moving forward! 🙂

1 // The quote that resonates the most. The things we used to take for granted will no longer be taken for granted. It has been an unfortunate RESET on what matters most and when it comes down to it, it’s not stuff – it’s PEOPLE, it’s connection and it’s freedom to feel safe in a country so many folks put their life on the line for.

2 // To educate the littles. Hudson stopped saying “the sickness” and now just full blown talks about the “Coronavirus” and how his dad did have it. It’s crazy what he’s starting to understand and I think books are always a good tool to help further that education.

3 // Sanitizing station. It’s sleek and no more than ever, an important in step in fighting germs. Our phones are always where everything is, so I love that more cute options like this are available.

4 // Looking on the bright side. Love this craft idea with coffee filters (we always have abundance) and as parent’s juggling a lot right now (nannies, too!) this is cool idea. This instagram account has amazing kid craft ideas.

5 // Local Optimist. Love this sweatshirt soooo much! As we all continue to be “comfy” at home, I love the message it brings as well. It’s a reminder to be grateful for the little things, big things and everything in-between. shop it here.

Ps. if you need a new WFH playlist, our local cafe put a sweet one together on spotify. check it out here. happy tuesday, friends.

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