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this post is sponsored by Madewell but the thoughts and content are my own.

As isolating as this whole thing can be the truth is – we’re in this together. That WE all have a direct impact on how this disease continues or doesn’t around the world and who it impacts.

A few things to play off Madewell’s #everydaytogether movement, I want to list a few things that you or I can do to help lift our spirits but also those that can’t be around us…

  1. Share what your feeling and how you’re coping with #everydaytogether
  2. Get photos printed and mail a few to friends and family
  3. Get dressed, put on your favorite kicks and start each day with an early walk (if you can do it – fresh air is essential)
  4. If you have kids, build a fort, get crafty, bake!
  5. Schedule coffee dates, lunch dates, play dates and dance parties through zoom or facetime or even skype.
  6. Order and support local small businesses the best you can

(A few local business that I encourage you to go and support: Black Bean Deli, New General, the Heavy and Lineage Coffee Roasting)

The goal is to acknowledge how difficult this is for everyone but share tips on how to get through these stressful and hard days. #everydaytogether

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Spring in my step with Madewell

this post is sponsored by Madewell, but the thoughts and words are my own.

I know, #stayhome.

And we are… we really are. But sometimes getting dressed, grabbing an iced coffee to-go from your local small business coffee shop is important. It makes the state of the world a little easier to bear when you can feel like yourself. Even if you’re doing it alone.

Madewell is a brand that I appreciate, that I genuinely purchase from on the regular and they are also trying their best to add light, hope and goodness to otherwise sad and terrifying news.

A lot of this look is new and #onsale and I hope you find a few things that #ADDJOY to your life, closet and your future spring plans.

Cheers, friends. xo

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Palmer – 13 Months

This kid, has my heart.

It seems like it was just his first birthday, but here we are a month later in this pandemic and he at least, doesn’t have a care in the world.

  • A speedy walker, puller upper and climber
  • Loves his stuff animals, blankies (like brother), dinosaurs and balls
  • Says: mama, dada, papa, go, ball, car, hot, puff, i love you, ah oh
  • Can make the following animal sounds: dog, cat, cow, sheep, dinosaur,
  • If you ask him what a lizard says he sticks his tongue out
  • Gives open mouth kisses on the regular
  • Loves to curl up on the couch with brother
  • Still a big fan of Elmo and Curious George and Olaf are tied for second
  • Ask him how old he is and he puts up his pointer finger
  • I swear he has a gravitational pull toward all remotes, phones and video game controllers
  • Ask him to dance and he will nod his head and claps his hands
  • Wants to help and close every cabinet and refrigerator door
  • Has 8 teeth with molars coming up next
  • He plays with my wedding rings when i hold him on my hip
  • Can point out my nose, mouth, teeth and eyes on command
  • He loves a good book
  • Loves to eat veggie straws, cheese, cous cous or rice, strawberries and prefers to drink out of brother’s cups
  • Happiest in water – bath times and pool time
  • Dance parties with mom are his jam

Palmer James,

I love you bubs something serious. You are so much work – everyday you’re into everything and it get’s exhausting. You think the word NO is funny and continue to push boundaries. To counter that though you’re the sweetest boy – you’re super affectionate, you love being held and rocked and you quite possibly have the cutest face in the all the world. Your facial expressions are adorable and I eat you up every chance I get.

Thank you for bringing so much joy and life to a really weird time in our lives right now. You and your brother are my universe, kiddo. Mama loves you more than you will ever know.


Just wanted to share snaps from P’s PALM theme birthday party because I love them so much.

I wanted to do something similar to what we did with Hudson when he turned 1 – so we splurged on the cakes and did some DIY and Amazon. I loved how it all turned out and grateful for family and Alli for the photos because time is so fleeting.


How To Turn a Shared Space into a Functional Playroom with Pottery Barn Kids

thank you Pottery Barn Kids for sponsoring this post.

When we moved into our new home we needed to turn our shared loft space into the playroom. Since it’s not a dedicated playroom, it was important to us to make it a functional place that can be easily organized but also grow with the boys as they get older.

With Pottery Barn Kids it was a pretty nice one stop shop. They have solutions for playrooms and toy organization down pat so I was excited to see it all come together.


It was a family affair unboxing, assembly and putting toys in certain boxes. It honestly made the move exciting for them – they were creating a fun, new and functional space for them and they were apart of every step!


This new playroom is now their favorite place to hang out! We play games, do puzzles, play with cars on their new mat and all the while we’re comfortable and happy. It’s been a total win win for both the boys but also for us the parents. Kids can easily turn a house upside down and they accumulate stuff (and they know everything that’s theirs!) faster than anything so a place for all of it has been amazing.


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