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Weekend Wants

a constant mix of fashion and home. Christmas and move in date is ON. Plus, so many good finds at Madewell and McGee & CO #onsale.

PJ’s ALL Day

Okay, maybe NOT really but I totally put this Wear Lively pj set on and dressed it up with loafers and hopped on a friend’s scooter and haphzardly made the funnest shoot Abby and I have ever done to date.

It was like – scooting off in my pj’s to grab an iced oat milk latte. Very much a Winter Park kinda vibe, but I totally dug it.

This classic black and white set though can be worn outside – case in point – and could totally be worn separately with other clothes. Pj top with jeans or wide leg pants with a crisp white t and sweater.

We have a holiday party tonight and I just might pull something like this off 🙂 Anyway, pajamas all day can be endless and all of a sudden I’m all about it. Thank you, Wear Lively!

Check out their cozy lounge sets, bras and now work out gear!

lounge set c/o Wear Lively | loafers c/o Kate Spade NY | clutch Madewell

Fun with Madewell

And just that like my collaboration dream came true. Thank you Madewell for sponsoring this post.

It’s true that it doesn’t matter THAT much about your numbers, likes, engagement etc. I mean sure, it all kinda helps, but I think this is proof to all my fellow bloggers who struggle on the daily and get caught up in the dread (some days that’s me) that all the work, creativity and time and energy isn’t worth it… because guess what?

Sometimes they see YOU. An authentic being and that’s what matters most.

Sometimes it’s what you say, how you say it and happiness and feel of your photos. Granted, I use a professional photographer 75% of the time, whom I pay, because she’s the BEST but I do that because I know brands will notice the difference.

Anyway all of this to say DON’T GIVE UP. Shoot, play and share. The brands, relationships and partnerships will come – it’s just what you do with them from there. Send thank you cards, links to photos, flowers – whatever. We’re all figuring this ever changing social landscape out and we should play nice while doing it.

shoes, jeans, sweater, jacket and bag c/o Madewell


This is 35

Another year around the sun.

Another year where life continues to surpass my every dream. I’m genuinely in a stage of life where I can’t believe how lucky and fortunate I am.

seriously, someone pinch me.

It’s true that life isn’t always perfect – it’s gritty and real and downright unfair at times but let me be honest and say that even though the path I’ve taken to get to this chapter of my life wasn’t what I envisioned in my head growing up… it’s been worth the journey.

Life is too short to do anything other than whatever makes your soul happy.

Granted, I don’t have all the answers, but I do look back at my 35 years so far and smile. BIG.

From what I can tell from experience – following your heart, being nice and staying true to you is a pretty solid recipe. Doesn’t matter your age. After all, that part is just a number.


look: dress c/o Doen | boots Loeffler Randall | watch & bracelet Shinola | earrings c/o Mejuri

Send with Love with Artifact Uprising

By far one of my favorite holiday activities…

This is the third year where we’ve worked with Artifact Uprising on our holiday cards. I order all our special prints and photo gifts from them throughout the year so it’s always such a treat to collaborate with them on our annual holiday cards.

I genuinely love their print quality, their modern and clean card designs, and recycled kraft paper envelopes. Artifact Uprising is so easy to use and the customer service is always so great.

This year’s card is SO special to me because of sweet P. It’s our first card as a family of four and it represents us so well. We went to a lake near our new house and played on a dock for a few minutes while the chilly air turned our noses red.

I always keep a card for us and break them out every year and it warms my heart to see the sweet story they tell.

I dress ours up a bit more with a wax seal and a custom stamp. I had some help with assembly this year and I loved every minute of it.

If you’re still in need of holiday cards or even great photo gift ideas (I love their new modern wall calendar) give Artifact Uprising a look.

Wishing you all the merriest couple weeks!


Casual But Make it Fashion

Kinda my thing. Take something fancy and then make it a bit more practical. With cooler temps this week (helllloooo, December!) I took my new limited edition wrap dress from Odells and put a cozy knit over it and pulled out the sparkly chucks I got for my birthday last year.

I love how laid back this outfit is, but it’s still fresh and vibrant and fun. And I love this small business so much they are doing a GIVING BACK SALE – which means select items are 25% and a portion of the proceeds will go to City of Hope for cancer research.

Give them a look today!

Odells dress | AF sweater | Chucks

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