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SIX Years With YOU

Welp, that was fast. I swear we were just celebrating our 5th anniversary in Santa Barbara getting massages and you drinking all the beer.

Needless to say, every year with you is better than the last. We added a kid, adding a new house and we still really really like each other. Which, I think is just as important as love.

When some life events test and stretch the strength of a couple, I feel like we just go into it as a team, a mutual loving and dedicated unit and we just do this thing called life together because we can’t imagine experiencing it with anyone else.

Thank you for choosing me and for choosing this day. Happy anniversary, Nick. I’m very much in love with you.

I would say I DO a million times over.

ps. happy anniversary to both of our parents’, too!

The Merriest

When you’re a kid you think Christmas is just the greatest thing. While I don’t disagree – there is something magical about Christmastime as parent. All you want to do is give them the world and watch their tiny faces light up.

My heart is so full with this little family of mine.

Wishing you the merriest, happiest and loveliest Christmas.

Palmer – 10 Months

My bubs is in the TWO digits! He’s seriously the sweetest, happiest little babe and I can’t believe most days he’s mine.

  • Pulls up on just about anything
  • Literally WALKING with anything that he can push – on. his. own.
  • Reaches out with a little open hand to show he wants you or something just out of his reach
  • Still rocking his SIX teeth, but we think two more are about to come any day now
  • If you quiz him on what a cow, monkey, fish, cat, puppy says odds are he’ll get it right.
  • Will only sign “all done” still working on the others
  • Big on OPEN mouth kisses and if you’re not he’ll grab your face anyway
  • Can give you a high five
  • If you ask him if that’s funny he’ll give you a fake laugh
  • Loves to play with things that make noise, his brother’s toys, remotes, phones and balls
  • Roxie’s biggest fan
  • Still sleeping through the night and can finally self soothe
  • LOVES broccoli
  • Shakes his head no (and typically does it when he knows he’s doing something we don’t want him to do)
  • Likes the muppet song
  • Can drink from a straw – likes my metal straws because of how cold they get
  • He does this cute thing lately where if you’re holding him he’ll turn in front of you to see your face if you’re not looking at him. GAH.
  • Will have the occasional tantrum, fit and meltdown. #babies
  • Can hold his bottle by himself but is typically too lazy, so we do it.
  • Crawls pretty quick, but if he hears the bathtub I swear the kid moves like a rocket.
  • Note – NOT a fan of Santa.


I love you so much it hurts. I loveeee seeing your scrunched up smiley face every morning. When you reach for us it’s the greatest feeling in the world. You’re a fun, loving, bright little dude. You make us laugh, you keep us on our toes (you’re into everything) but most of all you add this beautiful dynamic that I only dreamed of. I continue to see a lot of me in you and it’s surreal to see. You and your brother LIGHT up my life and Christmas this year is proof of that. You both make everything brighter.

Mama LOVES you.

Weekend Wants

cozy for me and home.

Life Lately

holiday stuff, birthday stuff, friends and family – add a trip to New York in the mix – plus house updates – it’s a doozy but I wouldn’t change a thing.

Christmas Countdown


I mean, the year flew by in a private jet and I barely saw it coming. The end of the year is always so bittersweet because it’s utter chaos (the good kind) but I’m also in birthday planning mode because my BOYS are growing up so fast.

One will be FIVE and the other will be ONE and my heart can’t stand it. Keep them little and ity forever please.

But with all the sentimental “I don’t want them growing up…” I am looking forward to P’s first Christmas and our first as a family of four. It’s the last in this house and for that I am utterly grateful. But with the whirlwind of the past 30 days or so, I still need to find the time to lock in all my Christmas shopping. This is where Amazon Prime or local small business win… the immediate and intimate gratification.

Quick gift ideas for those still in need:

  • Music – specifically vinyl
  • Tickets to a concert, movie, sporting event – whichever
  • Photos – Walgreens turns them around same day!
  • Stovetop potpourri (try Boxwood Ave’s recipe)
  • A charity donation that’s meaningful

jacket c/o Odells Shop | bodysuit c/o wear lively | watch c/o fossil | jeans abercrombie (mom jean) | loafers c/o kate spade ny

A Wrap Dress for All Seasons

the lovely folks at Odells just produced this limited edition wrap dress in two color ways and it’s so beautiful. Perfect the holiday season and beyond.

It’s literally stunning and doesn’t need much. I really wanted it to be the star of this shoot but I know with a dressy knee high boot and cozy cardigan we can make it perfect for winter. I did dress it down last week for #momlife and loved the vibe so much.

But anyway this is me in every day make up and hair in a fancy dress barefoot.

dress c/o Odells | necklace c/o Mejuri

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