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Life Lately

Nick came home from the Netherlands and that was the biggest highlight! A night at Disney for Mickey’s Not so Scary was a fun, too.

That Witch Affect

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! BLACK on black with a hat and a duster and now all I need is a broom. BUT I’ll be sharing our REAL Halloween costumes on here tomorrow 🙂

Seriously though, I love how comfortable and stylish this came out and I’ll be wearing it on repeat. This duster from the Odells Shop is totally heirloom quality. It’s a thick intricate fabric with neat lines, fit and pockets. Pretty sure I’ll be rocking it all way through my 50’s.

jacket and mules c/o Odells Shop | hat gigi pip | dress HM

Weather Permitting

The weather as of late has been manic – warm, muggy, rainy, sunny. I’ve been needing to plan for just about everything. With FALL lingering in other ways – like pumpkin patches, fall coffee drinks and the urge to pull out sweaters, this look was kind of a perfect balance.

And as you can see – still toting around all my new fall FOSSIL pieces, because they are seriously that great. Also, I wear new things on repeat like it’s my job. 🙂

sweater c/o white + warren | tank madewell | shorts agolde | mules c/o odells shop | bag, sunnies and watch c/o Fossil

Weekend Wants

so many good sales and lovely home finds!

Why I Love October

It is when this man completes another trip around the sun.

His birthday plays a big role in our story and I won’t get too much into that but I will say this… I had never been more certain of what I wanted in my life until he came along.

I hope you know just how amazing you are and that your drive, presence and work ethic does not go un-noticed. Everyday with you, Nick, is beyond anything I could ever dream of. You are the purest gift and you have my whole heart.

It’s evident how you make us feel purely by our facial expressions when you walk into the room – the boys and I like reallllly realllly love you.

We are wishing you the happiest of birthdays all the way over there in “Instagram” (Hudson’s way of saying Amsterdam!)

Now get home so we can love on you.

“When I look at you now that years have gone by
I think of the memories that time can’t erase
And all of the smiles that you’ve brought to my face
Your love’s been so true
It makes me want more of you
Again and again
I fall more in love with you
Than I’ve ever been
From the moment you wake me up
Till you kiss me goodnight
Everything that you do
It makes me want more of you

5 Things

1 // NSYNC…

They have been teasing something for TODAY, so you best believe I’m stalking their site and insta. *please go on tour*

2 // Empties

It’s true – I’ve finished 3 products in the last week and I want more. SO I’d thought I’d share them with you here:

Currently using St. Tropez face tanning mist, Bobby Brown bronzer and Glossier Future Dew and I’m loving them. Like LOVE them.

3 // Cutest Door Mat

Gonna snag one for the new casa when it’s done! Also a super cute homeowner gift idea or for the holidays! Love supporting small businesses, too.

4 // Go Together

I saw this and immediately shared to my stories. Going to share it here too because I believe this 100%.

5 // New General Fall Menu

Loving being able to work with local favorites. I heart this woman and her shop sooo much. LOCALS, if you haven’t been here yet you’re missing out. A true GEM in Winter Park. I have the best time helping her with her photoshoots – creative direction is turning into something pretty great. *image vie Sydney Marie

Palmer – 8 Months

Palmer the 8 monther going on 12!

  • At this moment he has 5 teeth – 3 up top and 2 down low, but I SWEAR the 4th up top will be in any day now.
  • Answers to Palmer and P!
  • Ask him where mama, brother, dada or puppy are and he’ll look around til he finds us.
  • Getting up on his knees and doing the sway. Still not a huge fan of being on his tummy though.
  • LOVES plants, trees and greenery – faux or real – he doesn’t discriminate.
  • He’s into Sesame Street, weather map updates and Daniel Tiger. Oh and Ori. Because dad and brother play it non-stop.
  • His mimicking skills are on point – he’ll copy a laugh, a cough, a kiss.
  • Speaking of kiss, open mouth kisses are hereeee! And I love them.
  • Likes to drop things so we pick them up. Working on “ah oh” and I think we’re almost there.
  • Likes bananas, sweet potatoes, blue berries, puffs and crackers. But he’s had a plethora of mixed purees and steamed broccoli. Basically whenever we eat, he wants to eat.
  • Tried ICE CREAM. Loved it. Choked on a sprinkle. Threw up. Was still up til 10pm. #truestory
  • Still downs 8 oz bottles in record time.
  • 99% of the time a truly happy boy – yes, even IN the car. #scored
  • Walking all over the house in the walker – usually going after Hudson or Roxie.
  • Kid lights up when his brother is near.
  • Still spits out “Mamama” usually when he’s about to get upset. Kind of like a nice growl before a bark.
  • Still loves his noisy toys best, big fan of books but teethers are a close behind. #necessity
  • His hair goes over his ears 🙂
  • I think we have another blankie kid.
  • Prefers to be standing and if you hold his hands he’ll take 8-10 steps easy. Kid wants to move.
  • Speaking of moves, he’ll wiggle if he hears music.
  • If he’s on his back, in the stroller or car seat his LEGS are always UP.
  • Likes to be scared. Good thing because that’s pretty much how Hudson communicates with him.
  • He gives THE best hugs. Just watch your hair. #getsmeeverytime

Sweet Buba,

I love you something serious, kiddo. You are truly the sweetest, most loving little guy. You’re ALWAYS happy – even with FIVE whole teeth you manage to keep it together. Sure, witching hours get a little testy, but you are a total dream. You’re developing and growing incredibly fast and as much as I LOVE our new and continuous interactions you’re gonna be walking and exploring and eating me out of house and home in no time and I don’t want to miss a thing. I want to kiss your face off, tickle your thighs, hold you close and rock you till you fall asleep every single time. You are all JOY and I see so much of myself in you. Thank you P for choosing me. You’ve got mama wrapped around your tiny finger.

I love you sooo much.

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