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Spread Fashion via Amazon the Drop

So I think this whole premise Amazon is doing is pretty brilliant. As more and more bloggers create their own fashion lines, it’s SUPER smart for Amazon to jump on that band wagon and produce their styles as a limited edition product exclusively through Amazon The Drop.

Of all the drops so far, I snagged a Spread Fashion dress because I love her California cool style so much. It’s a bit short (FULL transparency here) for my tall frame, but I think I’ll style it a few different ways with jeans to bring the fun fit/print into my fall style. That is until we get cool enough weather, for now I’ll risk it or wear some cut-offs.

dress amazon the drop | wallet madewell | loeffler randall boots | karen walker sunnies

Weekend Wants

still hooked on anything comfortable, leopard and home decor. ps. a lot of this jcrew stuff is #onsale

Life Lately

a little of this and a little of that. we’re off to GA this weekend though, so expect next week’s post to be FULL 🙂

The Best Jean Alternative

Loving all the new pant styles out right now – from drawstring, paper bag and baggy chino styles I feel like my closet is expanding expenentially even though I’m not breaking the bank.

Having a PANT alternative has been great for a couple reasons:

  1. Dealing with the Florida heat
  2. Dress them up or down
  3. COMFORT, hellooooo.

And so Im linking a few “pull on” pant options that I feel will take you through the Summer/Fall transitions and then some.

Also, the new Wear Lively x Madewell collaboration is SO good. Been wearing this bra on repeat the past several weeks.

shirt AF | pants Gap | bag c/o kate spade ny | bra (madewell) c/o wear lively | mules c/o odell shop

Palmer – 7 Months

  • He says MAMAMAMAMAMA. A lot. And my heart explodes every single time.
  • Downs blueberries now like it’s his jam.
  • Can sit up, by himself, without assistance.
  • A tough kid – Hudson scares him ALL the time, he gets bumped around a lot and takes us and life like a total champ.
  • Sweetest demeanor. ever.
  • I swear he understands everything I say to him.
  • Loves looking and reaching at photographs. We have one by his changing basket in our room and he’s obsessed with it.
  • He likes being up on his feet – gives my arms a workout.
  • Has found complete enjoyment with his new sippy cup.
  • Went on his first swing and LOVED it.
  • Wears 12-18 month onesies. YES, you read that right.
  • Pretty sure he just wants to hang out with his brother and puppy all day.
  • Likes to chew on the metal clip to his pacifier holder.
  • Tries to hold his bottle on occasion.
  • Kid has at least 10 tickle spots.
  • Really likes music and when you sing to him.
  • Still a fan of car rides #thankgod
  • Straight fan boy when Ori comes on.
  • Still not sleeping through the night because he loves to eat too much. But we’re working on it.


YOU my sweet boy are growing SO fast. I love your sweet cheeks and chunky thighs. I love how you grab on to my shoulder and wrap your arms around me for a hug. You’re saying MAMA and as much as I don’t want to lose my mind about it, I am. You are such a happy dude that will laugh over the silliest things. I said “water” the other day and you belly laughed. You SMILE so big and proud when you do something new or when you see your brother or dada. And for the record, I love my sleep, but I do miss you when you sleep. Your little loves FILL me up.

Mama loves you sweet boy.

Walking in a Madewell Catalog

Seriously, Madewell is my go-to. It’s nice to relate to a brand on a style level, but it really embodies my whole aesthetic.

Laid back style that’s relatively affordable (I mainly shop their sales or wait for their Madewell insider perks) and I feel good about their sizing and quality. This is an outfit where I feel the most comfortable and the most me and I think that’s so important.

With fashion, it can be SO overwhelming, so this is just a reminder to be you. Dress like you. Express yourself. ALSO it’s officially FALL and this little number embodies allll the fall vibes.

sweater, pants and clutch Madewell | shoes Vans | sunnies Karen Walker

Weekend Wants

keeping my eye on comfy fall styles and home sales 🙂

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