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Palmer – Two Months

it’s truly hard to believe that he’s two months already. We’ve finally hit our stride with our routine and days are just flying by.

He’s such a big kiddo though! 24.5 inches long (over 95%!) and weighs 12 lb 6 oz – pretty much right on par with Hudson when he was 2 months. He’s wearing 3-6 month clothes (he’s so tall) and holding onto size 1 diapers since we have a stock pile.

Eating 4.5-5 oz per meal and just started to sleep more than 5 hour stretches at night. We’re hoping he makes it to his nursery within the next week or so to get him accumulated to his room. It turned out so cute and I know we’ll all be happy to get our own spaces back.

He LOVES mornings, bath time, changing his diaper, sleep sacks and his car seat. HATES tummy time and when he scratches his face. He’s a total morning person and loves to talk and smile. He’s got a flat(ish) head that we’re hoping some extra tummy time can help, but we’re going to see a specialist to make sure he doesn’t need additional therapy or even a little helmet.

Overall, he’s the sweetest boy and I loveeee kissing his little face and neck off.

This Sweater Color

this post is sponsored by Splendid but the thoughts and opinions are of my own.

Splendid sent me a few styles from the Spring look book and I’m in love. I’m a sweater girl through and through and this one has a cool fit, fun color and perfect for those long Spring/Summer days.

Can’t wait to get a little tan and wear this sweet sweater over tanks with shorts on repeat.

sweater | shoes | sunnies

Weekend Wants

agolde shorts, sea shells details and one pieces, please.

Life Lately

finally a healthy household doing fun stuff with good friends and family!

Make it A Kate Spade New York Mother’s Day

this post is sponsored by Kate Spade NY but the words and opinions are all my own.

SO much newness and cheerful change is happening at the Kate Spade New York brand. When I was at their first legit fashion show back in October, with new Creative Director Nicola Glass, I was transferred back in time to the 70’s with bold prints, bright patterns, platform heels and the iconic spade front and center.

With Mother’s Day right around the corner I’ve teamed up with Kate Spade New York to whip up a little gift guide to make shopping for all the mamas in your life a little bit easier.

Being a mom, now of two, I have a whole new appreciation for those with multiples. It’s not easy and now I know how hard my mom worked, juggled and sacrificed for us.

Flip through to find stunning bags, jewelry, shoes, kitchen ware and accessories worthy enough for any mom out there.

Easter Colors

this post is sponsored by Kate Spade NY but the words and opinions are my own.

In love with this sweater from Kate Spade NY. When I saw it, I just had to have it. I sort of feel like an Easter egg and it just makes me HAPPY. This weekend we’ll be surrounded by family (near and far) and loads of candy and kids and I’m stoked about it all.

I don’t think I’ll wear this ON Easter – I’m in charge of hiding eggs and let’s be honest, it’ll be a little warm but this sweater for sure will go with us on our beach vacations this Summer.

Also, I saw these bags during their Spring show last year and loveeee it. Durable, portable and bright! Can hold all my mom on the go things and a nice “back to work” bag when June rolls around. Pssst. it’s on sale!

5 Things

1 // Chasing Paper Collab

Been a longtime fan and customer of Chasing Paper and was stoked to see their new designs with Jen Peters! Colorful, minimal and summery removable wallpaper options!

2 // Breastfeeding Article

Real numbers, real expectations and real examples. Granted Palmer is drinking 4-5oz a time (breastmilk via a bottle) he seems to be way more satiated and nap longer. I can pump from both breasts 4-5oz every 3 hours, so barely keeping up with his feeding schedule. I don’t have a milk stash (yet) but I do plan on continuing this breastmilk journey as long as I can. Fingers crossed I don’t have a run with mastitis again.

3 // Living Room Goals

Been hanging out a lot in our living room lately – loving this California casual style by Amber Interiors. From the beams, fireplace and on point decor I’d move right in.

4 // Make Time

More than ever for things that really matter. Like quality family time. Holding my newborn just a little bit longer. Sending those texts and thank you cards. Being present. It’s so easy to forget to make time for things that matter when you can easily get consumed by the things that don’t.

5 // Pacific Natural

How gorgeous is this book? Jenni Kayne can do no wrong in my book. I love her aesthetic, her blog, her vibes and her Tahoe cabin. Need to get this for the coffee table!

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