5 Things

1 // Little Market Store

When I attended the LA Create & Cultivate I stopped by the Little Market booth because it was sooo cute. They truly curate beautiful, ethically made products from around the world. No surprise that their new brand spankin’ new store front is adorable, too. When you can shop and feel good – it’s a power combo.



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2 // Sprouted Kitchen

I might be really late to game on this one but with my appetite back, accounts like these really stop me in my tracks. Mainly because I’m always hungry and also because I admit, I’m not the best cook.

3 // Kiddo Organization

The dresser in the closet is brilliant. I love the open shelves with bins and super cute wallpaper. With companies like Chasing Paper, they could make a small room so much cooler with personality. Plus more room for FUN things in their rooms like tee pees and book cases. photo by: vivian johnson

4 // YOU

really are the greatest project you will ever work on. The best work we can do is on and for ourselves – so in turn we can better at being everything else. 

5 // Pillow Talk

In all seriousness, I’m on the hunt for new pillows for my bed. We’ve had the same pillows for 4 years and they aren’t working for me. I need some legit suggestions please – sleep, while I can they say – well, I say I need new pillows.

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