It’s No Longer About the Follower Count

Now you might not agree with me here, but let me at least tell you why it doesn’t matter (as much) to me anymore.

The more I used to dwell on the number, the less it moved. It’s like watching paint dry most days. And who really has time for that?

Brands, for the most part, don’t ask me for all my stats. I genuinely just give it to them. I also give them my rates and if I want to work with them then I’ll gladly negotiate. I know they have the opportunity to work with SO many bloggers but if it means enough to me, I’ll find a way and 9 times out of 10 they do, too. My portfolio continues to grow and my entire follower count is over 25K across all platforms. Pocket change compared to some – but guys, that’s okay.

I want the REAL deal followers anyway. The number is always going to fluctuate.

But the biggest reason why the number doesn’t get to me anymore…

It’s because of WHO is following me that matters.

When Jacey (follows 527 people), Samantha (follows 757 people), Kendi (follows 327! and Lauren (follows 207 – that’s it!) like a photo or leave a comment it’s really special to me. When the same people ask for product links, or give me kind advice or appreciate my candidness about life then the obsession with the number kinda fades away. It’s more about connecting with people that make you happy.

It was all about 10K which could easily fuel the 15K goal etc – but for what? Just to be able to say it? I have social goals, but they’re pivoting. I’m finding a new measure for success – happiness with my own.


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