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Life Lately – Boca Grande 2018

Another year in the books. Grateful for family that take the time, money and energy to pack up for a week and rent a rad house so we can all just BE together. We actually started our vacation early and Nick surprised us with a two night stay at the Ritz in Naples! It was nice to get that level of service before the crazy week – I hope we add that early leg of the trip every year 🙂

Plus, Boca Grande is super special to us and the island always fills us up with good vibes.

Til next year (which is already booked! Woo!)




Wanna be Plant Lady

I’ve been working my tail off lately… (well, except for last week – I needed that vacation!)

With a lot of the design work you want your finished product to come to life and be documented in a way that you can fully appreciate your vision. Well, the folks at Porch Therapy, New General and Canvas Interiors did that for me about a month ago. I’ll share more about that process in a later blog post, but after working with such hard working women who do their thing and do it well, I’m super inspired.

We all struggle – every day is a struggle and a decision to do this vs. that because we all have the same amount of time in the day (what do they say? Like Beyonce?) and so I’m reminded again that it can’t all be perfect all the time.

I’m accepting the fact that I’ll never have a ton of plants like this (even though I love them soooo!) because I can’t keep them all a live. Work, blog, family, toddler and sleep are way up there in the do this or that list.

ps. if you haven’t been to east end yet and you’ve been living under a rock. please go.

Grab some plant babies, sip some Lineage Coffee or grab a Sweet Greens smoothie. All of which, won’t disappoint.

bag c/o fossil | shirt c/o amazon fashion | jeans madewell | sandals c/o kate spade ny similar

photos: sydney norberg

5 Things

1 // @hortenselovesjewelry

Dainty rainbows please and thank you. Glitter Guide shared their stuff and now I’m hooked. I’m such a sucker for dainty gold things. How cute are they? DINO stud? I’d be such a cool mom.

2 // Frye is Killing It

I’ve had their boots in the past and that’s typically what I consider them as – THE boot shop. But they are stepping up the Summer game and I’m loving their styles.

3 // True Botanicals

Only took me TWO days to try their stuff and now I’m addicted. I feel like my face has evened out, become more supple and even glows! Also, not sponsored.

4 // The Heavy WP

So proud of this lovely lady – Jen and her husband from Porch Therapy are doing the damn thing! I’m so excited to see and experience their new project right here in Winter Park. They had a soft opening that I’m bummed I missed, but this gem is opening up next month – mark your calendars!  Snap by @findyourfiber

5 // Willow Pump

I swear the universe knows we’ve been trying for our second kid for what seems like forever now (but really a year and a half) and I get served so many mama related ads on Instagram. Like this Willow Pump thing for example – I hate you because I don’t need you, but hopefully someday I will so thanks for spamming me.

Out & About With Naturalizer

When I saw their email come across I was like – Naturalizer? Really?

But for every weird/spammy/not so great product pitch you come across, there is one that you need to give a double take. When I read their campaign was on their Emiline loafer, I was immediately intrigued. Loafers, are probably by far, the style I wear the most since they 1) polish off any look 2) blur the work/play line and 2) naturally had to be comfortable.

I’ve worn these loafers so much already and I seriously love them. They’re like walking in peanut butter – but in a good way! They have a form fit but it’s cushiony! I would honestly take them in every color – the ones I’m wearing are oatmeal leather.

Anyway, if you get anything out of this blog post – Naturalizer has a bomb loafer and I will fully vouch for them.

romper & bag c/o kate spade new york | watch c/o fossil | loafers c/o naturalizer

photos: abby cox

My June Edit

craving warmth, texture and ocean breeze. 


1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

BRB – Vacation Mode

And we’re off (well, tomorrow) on another getaway! We’re sneaking in a few days as a family before we head to Boca Grande with the whole crew. A huge mansion on a beach with a pool and every bedroom filled!

Something we look forward to every year. Grateful for this simple little beach town that brings us so much joy and relaxation.

Okay, back to packing.

hat c/o kate spade new york | tank Target | suit c/o Melissa Obadash | sandals Madewell

photos: abby cox

The Father’s Day Shop

Let’s be realistic – MEN buy whatever they want, whenever they want ALL the time.

Well at least my dad and husband are like that so it’s nearly impossible to buy for them. So my stance on Father’s Day is 1) just ask them 2) buy what you know they need  or 3) just go DO something cool

And whichever you decided, something from the babe would be alright, too.

A few things I know they need:


Go DO something cool:

Treat them to a movie / a camping weekend / head to the beach / concert tickets

Dad’s are all about the experience than the stuff. As much as we’d like to spoil them with random stuff, they would (most likely) rather go on a bike ride or something. Better get the bike pump out. 🙂

GRATEFUL beyond words for the amazing fathers in my life – can’t wait to celebrate them this weekend.

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