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Come Pin With Me


As I prep for a new photoshoot this week to shoot a TON of new outfits, I’d thought I’d share where I get a lot of my creative energy from – PINTEREST.

Believe it or not, I practically LIVE on it all day – between looking for home design inspiration to fashion, I PIN my little heart out.

Here are my top boards and a peek at what I PIN…






I’m also always looking to follow new accounts – tell me, who should I be following on Pinterest?

What Mama Wants

a version of “weekend wants” but for Mother’s Day! A few cute gift ideas with some notes to hopefully make it easy 🙂


Life Lately

the past seven days have been pretty fun. this kid can’t help but make life pretty sweet.

The Perfect Snap with timshel

Any chance I can turn a sweet Instagram snap into something tangible I’m all about it.

Usually, the process isn’t the easiest and also time consuming so I never end up going through with it. Nevertheless, save my favorite images per month. I have over 54K photos on my phone so to go through them all and try to print my favorites would be lengthy process.





But timshel makes it easy. It’s quick and painless because you can set it up monthly. You add some of your photos to their app and for under $6 a month you can get 10 beautiful prints to your door so you can “remember well.” 

You can customize your prints by size and border style. I love how I was able to turn our Mexico vacation back in January into a cool collage. What I thought was a beautiful ON screen, turned out even MORE amazing printed.

These tiny ones are perfect to tuck into a card or accent your letter board.



5 Things

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1 //  Summer Essentials

Basically a one stop shop for summer hats, bags and accessories. Oh and did I mention for reasonable prices? This round basket bag is SO cute and under $50!

2 // Surf Rider Malibu

Their Instagram is new and seriously #goals. Malibu has been on my list for awhile now and with this new little gem I think I might move it up a notch on the travel list. CA you’re pretty and I’m pretty much always weak for you.

3 // Saje Wellness

The caught my eye with their packaging – but has anyone actually used this stuff? I’m seriously contemplating either 1) making my own cleaning supplies (that I know my husband would not like) or 2) buying organic, all natural, SAFIER cleaning products. Spill your beans, please.


4 // New Paper Kites Album

Sucker for Aussies I guess. Between these guys and  the 1975 they rule my playlists lately. Their sound is refreshing and totally my speed. Do yourself a favor and give their new album a listen.

5 // Understanding Secondary Infertility

The Tot just published this article. The title (obviously) caught my attention and even though I haven’t been diagnosed with an issue, I can’t help to think sometimes the “what ifs” – but maybe this article educates you a little bit to ask different questions and maybe even gives you hope. xx

Summer is Near

a few things I’ve been pinning as of late. Summer, sand and sun on my mind

All images Pinterest.

Weekend Wants

brights, summer essentials and jute! lots of jute.

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