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Easter Best

Hard to believe it’s already Easter. That SPRING is finally here and we’re patiently waiting for our pool to reach a warmer temperature so we can float on our ice cream floats.

It’s also crazy to think that last year at this time we announced we were pregnant – the first time around. Not going to lie, as we prepare for Easter weekend with family I can’t help but feel a little bummed. I thought we would have had another little with us this Easter BUT as life would have it (I need to trust the timing) having my mom sick in a hospital for almost a week would not have been conducive to having a 3 month old either. That in the end my time, energy and love needed to be with her, my dad and sister as we try to get her healthy and home.

So perspective, folks. It’s important, but only if you can see it. As much as I’d like to dwell on the COULD HAVE BEENS I’m reminded over the course of the past week to BE PRESENT and focus on the NOW. Life changes and happens fast and why miss out on the good by letting the sad win?

My mom is finally home – before Easter, before her 63rd trip around the sun and that’s a beautiful thing. And so are messy brown Easter eggs that have been placed in every color cup a million times.

Lastly, this floral shirt makes me happy – so another reminder – wear makes you happy. 

photos: abby cox

shirt and bag c/o kate spade new york | skirt c/o thred up (similar) | watch c/o Fossil | mules Nordstrom Rack

Wear Lively’s New Fragrance

this post is sponsored by Wear Lively but my thoughts and opinions are all my own.

My friends at Wear Lively launched a brand new fragrance and it’s a SPRING dream.

Jasmine. Sea. Sun. is the scent for the season and here’s why:

  1. Sometimes the most important thing you put on can’t be seen
  2. If you’re going on vacation it’s the perfect compliment
  3. If you’re not going on vacation but want to smell like you are, then you need it
  4. I bet it’s a scent you’ve never really smelled before / a mix jasmine sambac, sea salt, crisp pear and sandalwood.

I’m not a huge perfume user – I prefer a body oil or even my body lotion to be my “smell.” So many products I use have a fragrance so I don’t want to be a walking perfume cloud, but with this – I can see myself wearing it on certain days where I know it’ll stand out. It’ll make me feel put together and light and pretty.

I’m super proud of the Wear Lively team – they are KIND, fun and a treat to work with! So go on over to their site, their instagram and show them love! And feel free to pick up some spring essentials like this strapless bra, one piece suit and their Jasmine. Sea. Sun fragrance!

100% Human

On my last trip to New York I made my way through rainy streets and subway stations to the Everlane store in Soho. I think it was everyone’s plan at the time. I haven’t seen a New York brick and mortar store THAT busy in I don’t know when.

I patiently waited in line for the dressing room so I could try some things – more or less some denim. Needless to say, I tried them on and then got the heck out. I ended up purchasing some things online instead.

I get the hype though – quality goods at decent prices with excellent branding and a rad mission. 100% Human is something I’m totally behind.

And especially over the weekend I just had (my mom has been super sick – more on that another time) it’s important that we realize we are ALL human. We all have feelings, hearts and dreams. We exist because others cared. Because we care.

And at the end of the day it doesn’t matter your color, gender, preferences, political beliefs, religion – we’re human. 

photos: abby cox

shirt and jeans everlane / sandals and sunnies madewell / watch c/o fossil

Weekend Wants

craving weekend wear and beachy vibes – gimme all the sunshine.


Life Lately

lots of treats (ice cream and margs!) and family time which makes my heart happy.

new new from wear lively!

Closet Staples That I Have Multiples Of

The best way, I think, to see what your favorite pieces of clothing are is to see which pieces you have multiples of. So I thought I’d go through some pieces that I clearly can’t live without and share them all with you. These are hands down my CULT favorites:


Madewell crewv-neck t-shirts are seriously my favorite. I always order them a size up since I like things a bit baggy and extra comfy. They always have amazing sales so you can snag them super cheap and they have a ton of colors. Also, the v-neck cut is a flattering fit.

Distressed High Waist Jeans

I’ve started a Levi’s collection (their wedgie fit is my ultimate fav!) but I also have some DSTLD,  Madewell and Re/Done that are on heavy rotation. I like character in jeans, too – from vintage fits, distressed marks and frayed hems.

Classic Sneakers

I wear them just about everyday since I frequent job sites. Old Navy has the best sneakers because 1) they are affordable 2) fit perfect 3) come in multiple patterns so you can technically wear the same shoe but play with patterns. I have three pairs!

Cardigan Sweaters

Surprised? No. I know. But seriously they are my favorite grab and go item! I’m all about comfort and if it’s cute, even better. I snag most of mine through Abercrombie sales – typically $30 or under. J. Jill and Amazon Fashion are great places, too! Another piece where I also size up.

No Wire Bras

Again, comfortable. Between Wear Lively, Madewell and J.Crew I have enough to wear a different one every day. Plus, they go well with the v-neck t-shirts.

Fancy Loafers

So you don’t need a ton of these, I get – but I have a black and blush pair from Kate Spade New York that I wear allllll the time. When I need to dress something up a bit, or when I travel – I always bring them.


5 Things

1 // Kasia Jewelry

HI – typical girl here! Drooling over diamond bands because the honest truth is I love them. Can a girl really have too many? Trick question.

2 // Perfect Vintage Collection

Madewell stepping up their denim game even more. With all the Levi’s I’ve collected over the last year, these might give them a run for their money. Vintage denim is the real deal.

3 // Rainbow Connection

SPRING is in full color and ALL the new Loeffler Randall rainbow additions make me SMILE.

4 // Tom’s Shoe Game

Always been a fan of their products and I CANNOT get over how cute their new sneakers and mules are. How does a girl decide?! What is your favorite?


4 // Ceramic Bells

During our trip to San Cristobal, we noticed so many ceramic bells hanging around the property. I loved them, but not the price tag. Found these cuties from World Market and I think they would be the perfect addition to our back porch.


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