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5 Things

1 // New Style Muse @discodaydream

Everything Lauren posts, I love. Her style is effortless and I love how different but also how natural she is. She’s also a fellow mama – I’m super inspired.

2 // Katherine Carter Design 

My new favorite interior design account! She did Lauren Conrad’s home and it’s literally perfection.

3 // It’s Okay to Just Be Okay 

Sometimes you just need to hear this. A cute graphic doesn’t hurt either.


4 // NEW Ascot & Heart Arrivals

Love their surfer, slouchy vibe – plus, they have killer band t-shirts.

5 // ‘Say Something’

Anyone else listening to this song on repeat?! We saw these two at the Pilgrimage Festival last year and it was the BEST surprise when Chris and his wife came out on stage. Music nirvana for sure. Also, happy early birthday JT – still heart you.

Call me Camel

So I’ve been living in this sweater up until yesterday because I CAN’T FIND IT.

First of all, how does that even happen?! This sweater isn’t small by any means and it’s literally one of the sweaters I turn to for ANY reason at all. Does this happen to anyone else? My closet, which I’ll share in my stories, I swear isn’t a total mess. I do my best to keep things organized.

So if you happen to spot my favorite sweater that is currently MIA – please let me know.

photos: stone malick

sweater AF | shirt Target | jeans Madewell | boots Loeffler Randall | watch c/o Fossil

Weekend Wants

Everyday staples for the closet and home.

Life Lately

filled with boys and their toys.

Lucky Stars

As much as I’d like to say life is all rainbows and butterflies, the truth is it isn’t all the time. The pictures and moments I share might seem like it though and I realize that can get old. Maybe even fake.

Truth is, we’re all not perfect. We all want to see and read beautiful things because we look for inspiration, reasons to smile, things to motivate us. The start of this year hasn’t been at all what I thought and I need to just stop – put on my big girl pants and breathe.

The lovely folks at My Domaine included me in their article about “Mom Goals for 2018.”  As I typed out my thoughts, my “practical” goals, I was able to reflect. My goal is to be grateful and present and KIND to myself. Plus, the time I take away to be with Nick is so healthy and a great refresh.

Everyday, no matter how I feel, I need to count my lucky stars.

photos: abby cox 

F21 top | Levi’s from Shopbop | Nisolo shoes | Club Monaco hat | Madewell clutch 

5 Things

1 // Drunk Elephant

I’m super tempted! Anyone else use their stuff? What are your cult favorites? What’s a must have? Their design is so sleek and I love the message behind it, but is it worth the price?


2 // Frame Bridge + Classic Kid Books 

I love this collab so much! A brilliant way to bring your kid’s favorite books to life but also help out with clean, not overly done nursery art. Hudson is a big fan of “Dragons Love Tacos” the art is pretty stellar.


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 3 // Where to take the kids in 2018

As much as it is exhausting, traveling with my little family fuels my soul. Our adventures make memories that I will forever hold dear. Thanks for Kid & Coe for making travel with kiddos a bit easier.

4 // New Loeffler Randall

I have their boots which I wear religiously – they are made so well and are insanely comfortable! I’m ready for a Loeffler Randall purchase and their new styles are adorable. Plus, the ladies behind the brand are super cute.


5 // Empowerment

How true is this? Mindset matters. Stay confident and humble but optimistic while being realistic. It’s all a balance and it’s a trait I try to practice everyday.

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