My Kind of Holiday Sweater

I fell in love with this sweater while browsing the Sézane store in New York City a few weeks back. It was also more of the practical things I could buy since my large heavy coat wasn’t necessary but a simple t-shirt just wasn’t cutting it.

I actually did a poll in the dressing room (between this sweater and a different one) and you all voted against it. 😛 Turns out, you’re not that persuasive and I honestly follow my gut on these things. But I’m curious, what’s your vote now?

I think this will be my look for Thanksgiving – we don’t normally get too dressy and the temps might actually call for this, so I’m excited. The colors are beautiful and anything Sézane makes I fall for.

What’s your Thanksgiving outfit this year?!

photos: sydney norberg

this sweater is also sold out online – bummer, right? but I’ve shared a few other favorites here:


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