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Weekend Wants

craving the tans, blues and a natural glow.

Life Lately

it’s been HOT and we took it slow(ish) this weekend. Hudson’s first movie in the books! Plus, a ton of pool time (when it’s not raining)

| madewell dress and sandals on major sale! |

| dress is kate spade ny and shoes are greats |

| loveeeee my family |

| pretty sure he did not want his photo taken. #meh |

We go together like Kate & Jack

Two brands we both really (like really) really like.

And we were totally up for a mini family shoot styling our favorite Kate Spade New York and Jack Spade New York summer favorites.

Guys, this is another pinch me moment that I’m feeling super grateful for. The material things are crazy nice and all (I mean, look at those shoes!) but a Friday afternoon at the beach with my family and sweet friend can’t be beat. Especially when you get photos like these afterwards!

Also, thanks love. You’re pretty much the greatest.


photos: abby cox

me: top, shoes, bag c/o Kate Spade New York

him: shirt, pants, shoes and bag c/o Jack Spade New York


5 Things

1 // Printable Hand Soap Labels

So simple and yet so cute. What a great idea to take cool (glass & reusable!) bottles and make them yours. No matter the scent. 

2 // Mosquito Supper Club

Came across this gem in the lastest issue of Garden & Gun. I think we need to plan a trip to Louisiana stat. This chef is totally inspiring.

3 // @JessannKirby

My major #instainspo right now. Her style is totally my speed. 

4 // Clarins Mission Perfect Serum

New to my skin care routine and loving it. I think it’s done wonders in brightening and evening out my skin tone. Plus, it smells super yummy and doesn’t leave my skin greasy.

5 // Reformation

Love their mission and overall goal in what they do. They are taking the fashion industry and trying to improve it. So much clothing ends up in landfills and they try to help avoid that all the while using vintage and sustainable pieces that turn into gems. Rock on. 



I get quite a few messages from fellow bloggers/mamas asking how I do it all. The stress of it. The competition of it. The need to create ahhhh-mazing content ALL THE TIME.

And to be honest, I’d say like most things, it’s all in moderation. One can’t be perfect at one thing ALL the time. You can’t stress about it. Then what fun is it?

I don’t dress up super cute everyday. I remind myself all the time the reason I do this blog thing and pursue my Instagram so heavily is because I want to. It’s not because of anyone else.

I am passionate about this little space that I’ve created and it’s an outlet for me to be me. Every post or square might come off glamorous or “perfect” but it’s not, folks. Times get hard. Being a mom is hard. Having a miscarriage this year and also losing a beloved pet – it’s easy to tell 2017 to go stuff itself. So I try, with all my might, to just be positive. Everyone, believe it or not, needs positivity. And it’s okay if we all just need a break sometimes.

I read a quote recently that said “Everyone isn’t everything they POST to be.” How true is that?

I’m getting back into yoga and it feels good. I don’t strive to be the greatest yogi ever – I just simply go to breathe, be conscious and to stretch this body of mine. It’s a way to NOT think about all the things that could possibly wear me down. It’s an hour where I don’t have to be committed to a screen. It’s a time where tossing on my new tasc performance duds and putting my hair up is totally acceptable.

I think it’s really important to know your limits. To focus on what’s most important to you. The older I get the more I realize that every minute shouldn’t be taken for granted and that you where you invest your love you invest your time. Both of those things are so equally important to me.


Anywho… I’m done being a bit preachy, but find what recharges you and go do it. If it’s anything athletic or being just plain comfortable (I get it!) – grab some tasc Performance clothes because also #treatyoself  🙂

Use code: experiencebamboo for 20% off your purchase.

photos: sydney norberg
tank & pants c/o tasc performance | old navy sneaks | madewell sunglasses | HM jacket

Nordstrom Sale Home Picks

couldn’t resist sharing my favorite home picks -including this candle that I have and LOVE.

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