20 Months

Has this new thing with playing with my hair when I hold him.
Is quite the conversationalist.
Can *almost* count to 20. He usually skips 19.
Typically wants to eat what we eat.
Silent scream is now a staple
Every night after our bedtime story he’ll tell me about his day.
Books of the Moment: Good night, Good night Construction Site, Little Blue Truck, Dragons Love Tacos
Currently getting in his last canine
Wearing 18-24 months clothes
Asks for a popsicle every night right before dinner time. Nothing wrong with asking 😉
Know’s all the Paw Patrols pups by name
Loves watching PJ Masks
Sings along to “Bye Bye Bye” 🙂
Looks for the moon and if he finds it he always says “HUG!”
It’s usually “Hi, mom!” and/or “Hi, dad!”
“Mama, carry you” aka “mama, carry me.” We’re working on it.
He’ll scream and yell before he asks for help.
Helps himself to the fridge.
Is typically on mission to get his hands in the dog’s water bowl
Mister chore helper – dusts, swiffers, vacuums, squeegees
Terrified of the shower
Always wants to drive the car
A bottomless pit when it comes to goldfish, Annie’s snacks and ice cream.
He knows when we’re close to home. Always.
Asks for my hand, so I’d walk with him.
Still not sure if he’s a lefty or a righty.
If you ask him “what’s cooler than being cool?” he’ll answer “ICE COLD!” – thanks, dad! 


Sweet boy,

I can’t seem to get enough of you lately. Maybe it’s the constant craziness and traveling, or maybe it’s because I think you are the cutest little guy on the planet. Either way, when I’m not with you I’m thinking about you. Staring at your pictures, showing you off to everyone I’m around. 

I’m constantly in your face – tucking your hair behind your ear, kissing cheeks, wiping your mouth, smelling your hair… You typically want to be held when I’m in the middle of doing something and when I want to hold you you’re just ready to run. 

You’re talking up a storm. I love your nightly recaps – lately it’s been about choo choos, Kristen and kids. Because that’s what’s consumed your days recently, but you’ll toss in a few words from our trip like “Keith, boat, Lynnie and Cam.” Which makes me smile. 

You tell me when your bottle is empty, when the quack quack (float) fell down and when Buddy is being crazy. 

I love your sense of humor, your intense belly laugh and the way you tell me where to go, to walk or sit. You and me kid. Okay.. daddy, too! You two are the greatest gifts.

love you love you,



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