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Even before Hudson was born, I’ve been minimalistic when it comes to my beauty routine.
I don’t switch things up much. If it works and I like it, I’m pretty much dedicated.

Why mess with a good, easy thing you know?

I’m not really a “beauty blogger” and I don’t do a ton of product reviews because again, I like simple and now that I’m a mom – it’s all about convenience. You know when you can walk into a Walgreens and spend $50 on baby stuff and beauty stuff in one quick swoop?! Victory!

However, I was asked to try this new tinted moisturizers out. And I caved. 
Tinted moisturizers are the g r e a t e s t invention, especially those with SPF, so I thought what the heck?!

Dedra tinted moisture goes on smooth, doesn’t get dry or cakey, smells great and doesn’t feel like there is SPF in it at all. And if I had any gripe about past tinted moisturizers, it would be that.  The medium tint is right on and makes me feel more put together.

Not to mention the packaging is simple. And I’ll admit it, I like pretty packaging.

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