Little Mover Wrangler

Hudson is a total little mover.
He’s getting more brave everyday and walking around the entire ottoman all by himself.
He’ll take my fingers walk some more and then with full on bravery and nervous giggles he’ll let go…
stand there on his own for a good 10 seconds until he not so graciously lands on his butt.
Again, again!!

He would still prefer to try to walk than crawl, but he will crawl with determination to find a book, the vacuum and his halloween pumpkin balloon.

So all the Little Mover Wranglers out there, here are (5) helpful tips:

  1. Keep what interests them nearby – their favorite toys, snacks, whatever. The less distance they have to crawl to get there, the less likely they will get distracted by something else. 
  2. The New Effect – this goes for toys, food and even say a paper bag! Something they haven’t seen or played with before is such a great way to get their attention. 
  3. Silly sounds – from the morning cartoon or to you singing “Oh Mister Sun” a hundred times they love music and playful sounds. Typically Hudson starts dancing, which is pretty darn cute. 
  4. Tried & True – create their own space. Whether it be a pack’n play, their crib or a gated off area, let them roam. Takes the worry out but still gives them a little room to explore. 
  5. Break out – step out of the routine. Mix up the morning walk route, take them for a spin on a bike, or visit a park. New (kid friendly!) environments are great, typically open and encourage learning.

Lately, we’ve been using these Huggies little movers diapers for a week now and they are working like a champ. Maybe they are like a superman cape? They boost his confidence?! Ok, maybe not but they allow him to boogie and also keep the inevitable mess he’s making contained which makes mama happy.

Do you have a little mover? Post a photo of your babe on the move to Huggies Facebook page with #setbabyfree and they might use your photo for this campaign! 


  1. And again, and again, it's so nice, isn't it? Enjoy every moment you spend with your baby boy. I know what I mean. Enjoy your life, it will get more and more complicated with every year.

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