In the past week or so, Hudson has become fully mobile.
He’s officially crawling (without any hesitation) and reaching and pulling up on anything he can get his chubby little baby hands on.
It’s super exciting to watch but it is a total game changer.

We’ve managed to cover all the outlets on the first floor and put all the glass/breakable items up. We’ve lowered his crib and made his favorite toys easily accessible when he’s playing on the floor. He’s constantly keeping us on our toes which brings a new level of excitement but also exhaustion. Am I right, mamas!?

Well since he’s a crazy wiggle worm we thought we’d join in on the #setbabyfree campaign. Huggies has these *new* little movers diapers now that are non-restricting for those tiny legs and sweet baby bellies. I’m all for making things more comfortable for Hudson and plus their diaper designs are right on point – Mickey or Winnie the Pooh – c’mon! That’s the hardest decision!

We’re also testing out the size 4. Once he get’s near the current diaper weight limit, we make a switch. We’d rather have them a little big, but also have more diapers that we know he’ll grow into than stocking up on others that well, will most likely have a blow-out every single time.

So far we’re loving these Huggies. We stick to our tried and true night time diapers, but these “Little Movers” are perfect during the day. You can just feel the flexibility of them but also the extra lined protection.

The only way I can keep him distracted long enough to change his diaper is either with 1) a book or 2) a toy car. Good things we asked for a ton of books for our baby shower 😉 

Needless to say, I’m a fan. And I think Hudson is too.

Do you use Huggies Little Movers? If so, share your photos! Use #Setbabyfree on Instagram and Twitter or post to Huggies FB page and they just might share your photo 🙂 I know we all think our kid would be the cutest diaper baby model, ever.
And well, I think we’re right. So go ahead, share your little heart out. 


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