I don’t necessarily need a reason to celebrate this guy…
I mean, I can find something every single day that I could just take a second and rave about.

He’s seriously that great. 

After a week of him being gone it just highlights things for me that much more…

How I take for granted the hand crafted pour over every morning and (typically) a delicious home cooked dinner every night. He tackles the bathrooms on chore day AND edits most of my photos for this little blog of mine.  That his voice lifts my spirits and that a little FaceTime sesh gives me those silly butterflies.

And that’s only a f r a c t i o n of why he is just so gosh darn amazing.

Well today is HIS birthday and to say that I’m thankful for the day he was born is pretty much an understatement. I’m so eternally grateful. Lucky even.

To the guy that completes my world and helped me create the cutest little human being ever…
I love youuuuuu
and wish you the happiest birthday yet.

Reminder, you’re going on your 35th year so let’s live it up, my love! 😉 


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