Motherly Musings

Even after taking thousands of photos of him on your phone, you feel bad deleting even one
To truly appreciate the convenience of bottle feeding once solid foods enter the mix
You swear you heard “dada” 
To look back at photos from when they were weeks old and think that was so. long. ago. 
Mom and baby get togethers – a total thing. 
First trip to the mall as a family and he gets more things than either one of us 
It’s okay to not be the paranoid first time mom – I’m used to dog hair, dog kisses and dining tables. And with that, we’re pro vaccinations. 
The first time they cut themselves and they bleed. You feel absolutely terrible. And n e w s flash they’re not made of puppy dog tails and butterflies. 
To be totally amazed about what they remember. Yes, here is the banister you reach for every morning.
To do everything in your power to prevent stranger danger meltdowns at home. “Don’t worry Uncle Chip, it’s the hat. Right, Hudson!?”
To take back every harsh word I’ve said under my breath about people with strollers in crowded places. It’s a crazy hard game. 

Finding cute things on sale in the girl section. Like those shorts above 😉 he’ll never know. But grocery clerk, he’s CLEARLY a boy. 

He doesn’t rule the roost – we live our lives the way we want and he’s along for the ride.


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