Motherly Musings

Babies wearing shoes are the cutest thing. Especially leather loafers. 

Fitting into your old jeans is such an amazing feeling. Doing it the healthy way and not by a certain time frame is even better. Outfit posts are coming back, ya’ll! 

I think I hear him on the monitor all the time. Even when he’s not in his room. 
Having to sneeze when you need to pee. Not a good mix. 
Every morning he looks that much bigger and older. Crazy. 
Acting like a fool to hear that little giggle one. more. time. 
When they have your finger and you literally can’t move. 
Being those parents who bring their baby to a non-smoking bar at 10pm at night. #lifegoeson #teachthemyoung
Feel like you’re Wonder Woman when you finally get a good amount of breast milk in the freezer. Heck yes!
The fear of clipping their nails is out the window. Filing everyday isn’t doing it. 
Witching hour(s) are a total thing. Hudson’s is from 5-9. Yayyyy!
Not getting mad when your baby wants to chat at 4am because his smiling face is too darn cute
When you bounce all the time – even when you’re not holding your kid. 


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