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Life Lately

| weekends 🙂 |
| my fav baggu carry-all! |

| cutest little swimmer. ever. |

| workin’ with dad |

| my favorite to-go cup |
| “when I get fussy dad carries me on our walks” |

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Flare Up

The flare is back and with full vengeance. 
So glad I’ve kept these white jeans in the closet. Bonus – that they fit better than ever!
PS. this was my way of dressing up today – had a couple meetings 🙂

AE shirt | 7 for All Mankind jeans | Target wedge | Target belt | c/o LC Lauren Conrad Sunnies for Kohls 

Motherly Musings

The sweet sound of your babe downing his bottle – little chugger!
That moment when you go and get him first thing in the morning. Best feeling ever. 
Not wanting to go up in diaper size since you just ordered a massive box of the same size 2 
Sometimes feeling bad about leaving all the extra baggage in the car. He’s fine with a pacifier, blanket and rattle. Right?
Now I get why those car shades are everywhere. #mustget
When you get home from work and you catch baby and daddy in a super sweet moment. Melt. 
Alternating between 2 pajamas because you only have 2 that fit. #babylaundryonrepeat
Stalking the baby monitor at work when it should* be nap time. 
Baby powder just isn’t for bums! It’s for rolls and neck lines too. Florida humidity isn’t Hudson’s friend. Err, nor mine for that matter. 
That one person in the restaurant that has NO idea just how loud they are. We all don’t need to hear your stories, even my sleeping baby. Thanks.

He or she? Really?! Clearly a he.

The feeling you’ve known them forever and can communicate without saying a word. 


Mornings are so unpredictable now. Hudson could wake up at any moment, so I try to get as much done in the morning before his little eyes open. 
Nick takes care of the dogs, breakfast and coffee while I pump, shower and get dressed. 
Usually little man wakes up while we’re eating breakfast (7am or so) Nick will get him up and I’ll feed him then take care of the dishes while Nick gets ready. It’s a total balance but we’re still trying to lock down a new morning routine. 
I don’t have a ton of time to get ready so a comfy knit, classic cut offs and slip ons will most likely be an outfit staple. (Hey, new mom here!) 
That is until it gets unbearably hot here this summer.

HM sweater | AE shorts | c/o Juicy Couture for Kohls shoes 

Life Lately

| I can’t get enough of this sweet, round, adorable face | 
| chillin by the pool ( c/o Children’s place onesie!)

| morning stretch |

| papa time! |

| beautiful tulips | 

| where did my little bitty baby go?! |
| back @ Rifle Paper Co. |

Easy Going

This week I went back to work.
Crazy how fast my maternity leave went.
My little man is getting so big – holding his head high and proudly showing off his baby rolls.

As much as it’s stressful going back I really tried hard to look at all the positives…
Hudson is staying home with either our nanny or my mom – with Nick typically there.
On my lunch break I come home eat lunch with Nick and get as many baby kisses as I can.
Being in a different fun and creative environment.
Excuse to shower, do my make up and well, dress up a bit.

But I’m taking this transition in stride.
And I thought this little number was the perfect way to kick off the week.

Target sweater | AE shorts | Sam Edelman booties 

Are you a working mom? If so, I commend you. 
Any advise you can give?

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