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Life Lately

| happy dreams | 
| loves his hoodies | 
| yoga (yay!) in my Zumba pants | 
| best friend’s birthday |
| nursing tanks and comfy kicks #momlife | 
| cute little ice cream place and a cute little baby | 
| first stroll in his bugaboo in Winter Haven | 
| passed out at Gram and GrandBob’s | 
| relaxing with dad |
| such a sweet face 😍 | 
| loving our new stroller! Quality family time 🙂 | 

The Children’s Place – Spring Styles Pt 2

I mentioned my little collab with The Children’s Place here – we (husband, Hudson and I) had a ton of fun going through all their cute things. 

My hands were full. Literally. 

We both wouldn’t leave without getting this adorable palm tree outfit. Sure we live in FL and that’s kinda cliche but it has the coolest little 80’s vibe. Also, being from CA I just pictured little Hudson running around Santa Cruz in this little get up. Melt. 

Another Spring tip – get separates! I can mix and match these onesies with shorts. We all know accidents happen too (diaper blow outs, spit up, bottle leaks etc) so it’s nice when you have a few different outfits that are interchangeable. Helps with packing too! 

Lastly, experiment with color. Bright hues are fun and easy to spot! These neon shorts are so cute, a little bit retro and great to help you find your little one amongst a playground full. 


I know we all have our own idea of what breastfeeding is like… 

There is a constant debate regarding breastmilk vs. formula. 
And typically its an overwhelming “breastfeeding is the best thing ever”

Well, yeah it is to certain extent. I totally get the health benefits for me and him. 
I get the need for bonding time and connecting with your little one…

But no one told me just how painful it was going to be. 
From day two I have used a Medela nipple shield. It’s been an absolute life saver. 
Hudson was quick to latch with the help of that thing and as much I don’t think that it has protected my nipples that much (I still had cracks, bleeding and just general pain) it must have done something. 

My little man, since he’s been born, is constantly hungry. For the first two-three weeks he would feed every two to three hours. I would wince everytime he wanted to eat. Granted the pain lasted the first 45 seconds and eventually went away it’s still a toll on your poor boobs. 

From showers, drying off and figuring out what to wear I’m very much nipple aware. Protecting them and soothing them has been a priority for me. 

By week 5 I started pumping and everything has gotten better. Now my concerns of my nipples aren’t as important it’s having a good milk supply. 

Hudson consumes 5-7oz for each major feeding. Crazy!

Whenever he naps I pump. Whenever Nick has him, I pump. Some days it’s pump or shower… And pumping typically wins. 

So for all the new moms or soon to be moms – breastfeeding is hard and it’s going to suck (literally) for awhile. Not gonna sugar coat it but I will say don’t get discouraged… I promise it will get better. 

Try a nipple shield and you gotta switch boobs. I favored one when the other was too sore, but that eventually makes things worse and most likely your little babe isn’t getting enough milk from just one. 

Remember this stage is only temporary – so you gotta cherish it. 

The Children’s Place – Spring Styles

The lovely folks at The Children’s Place reached out and asked me to style some Spring looks.

Since I’m a new mom and love dressing my little guy I had to say yes. 
This was actually the first time I’ve ever been in The Children’s Place and I was surprised to see just how much stuff they had! And the prices were great which is a total plus. 
Needless to say I got a bunch of things and wanted to share this sweet little outfit. 
Spring can still be chilly at times, especially with how this Winter is going so I pulled this little look together. 
I loved the woven and thought it could work on its own or over a onesie. You can keep it buttoned up or just leave it open if it’s layered. I also loved the idea of light colored denim (in this case tan) to keep it light and more appropriate for Spring. I’m all for a little jean cuff too.  
Can’t wait till my little man is a little bit older so he can wear these. 
At the rate he’s eating it’ll be no time. 

Life Lately

| the many faces of Mr. Hudson | 
| not always smiles | 
| first trip to Target! | 
| proof we all get out of the house |
| valentine things | 
| papa time | 
| new mommy approved shoes | 
| my valentines | 

| my monsters | 

| Kohls getting me excited for spring! | 

Life Lately

| ham | 
| best husband. ever. |
| lunch at Black Bean! |
| new favorite candle | 
| loveeee him and the fact he’s been sleeping 6-7 at night! | 

| we coordinate | 

| ceiling fan for the win | 

| he eats ALL the time (6 week growth spurt) | 

| so I gotta eat – homemade muffins 🙂 |  

One Month

Our little man is officially one month old. 

Crazy how fast it’s going. 

He constantly wants to eat
Loves dancing with daddy and listening to music
Starting to smile
Enjoys bath time 
Enamored with ceiling fans 

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