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Take Me Back

We had such an amazing time in Nevada/Tahoe.
My aunt and uncle’s ranch is just so serene and simple that just sitting on the porch provides contentment.
From dinners, talking to horses, our highly anticipated cake reveal, a trip to Virginia City and two beautiful days at Tahoe I think we loved it. It’s nice to be home but we’re already talking about our next trip out.

Maybe we’ll wait til Hudson can go 🙂

| I’d take this view any day |

| early morning walk |

| loveeee |

| crazy porch time |

| south lake tahoe |
| rock jumping |

| drinks at the Beacon |

| BOY! |

| top of Heavenly |


So I might have tried a pair of Abercrombie & Fitch jeans first this morning and then added them to the “won’t be wearing for awhile stack.” The stack is starting to get a little tall. 
So in order to not filter through another pair, I knew my floral pants would work.
They fit lowish and have a nice little stretch to them. 
This top will be in rotation for awhile.
Get used to it 🙂

J.Crew shirt | Free People pants | Nine West flats

Awesome like…


We’re having a boy! 
And you know what that means? He’ll get to play rough with his cousins, charm all the ladies, be a total mama’s boy and the Gernert name continues!
Nick and I are thrilled and we’re getting more excited by the day about this great new adventure. 
Total happy campers about this (bound to be) adorable little man. 
Dear baby boy,
So far you’ve been the easiest babe to take care of. You’ve been so good to me and I hope I have been to you. 
We found out weeks ago that you were a little “boy” and goodness, it was obvious. 
Your dad and I already decided on a name for you – one that has sentimental meaning to us. 
I’m really hoping that you inherit your dad’s blonde curly hair and infectous self-confidence. 
We’ve started buying you cute little boy things and your grandparents got you the sweetest bassinet. 
I envision that you’ll love it here and that you’ll melt our hearts in an instant. 
22 more weeks to go little one.
Your mom 

Guest Bloggers: Juke & Grain

Hi sweet Work Your Closet readers! This is Sara and Vicky from Juke and Grain. We are so excited to be posting for Jamie today while she is having a blast on vacation! I, Vicky, work at Rifle with Jamie and she has been an incredible help and motivation for me behind the scenes for Juke and Grain. Jamie is one of the sweetest people and I love being able to look at her closet in person everyday! Also, I just cannot wait to meet her little nugget on the way – BABIES!
A little about us! We both love fashion, traveling, design, food and everything pretty. We decided to join friend forces to create our little babe, Juke and Grain. We met about 2 1/2 years ago through our hot musician hubby’s and while we are thankful they married us, we are more thankful they introduced us to each other 😉 We are separated by about 1,000 miles (what feels like 1,000,000 miles) right now and we are so excited for the day we get to be together again!
As we were playing with ideas on what to share with you guys, there was one idea that stuck with us: items to splurge on. As we asked around, a lot of other ladies wanted to know what staples to spend a little more on.  We are all faced with the question: to buy or not to buy that $368 Marc Jacobs bag you’ve been eyeing for YEARS?
 Here are some of our dream picks to build a wardrobe that could last years:

1. AllSaints Leather  If I (Vicky, here!) could shop at 1 place the rest of my life, AllSaints would be that place. We recommend investing in a leather jacket that you absolutely love. Whether it’s from a thrift store or from Nordstrom, you’ll never regret it. I wear my BCBG leather with just about everything.
2. Ray-Ban Aviators Ray-Bans last forever and a classic shape like an aviator or a wayfarer will never, ever get old. Find a fit and style that works for you and treat yourself to some amazing sunglasses that you’ll have forever.
3. Marc Jacobs Handbag A classic black handbag is something that we’ve always been told is a staple to any gal. We are firm believers of that statement and we think this one is the perfect compliment to any outfit.
4. Fossil Boyfriend Watch A boyfriend watch is the perfect addition to jeans & a tee OR a gorgeous LBD. We love this gold color! A lovely silver or rose-gold would also be a great investment to make. I mean, who says you can’t have all 3 colors?!
5. Stila Lip Stain This lip stain is top notch. It’s not too big of a splurge but a lot of ladies don’t love spending more than $20 on a lip color. This one? So worth it. It’s not lying when it says “stay all day” I’ve seen 4 colors in person and they are all absolutely stunning. It leaves a little shine but it’s mostly matte so it’s perfect for day AND night.
6. 7 For All Mankind Denim A nice pair of dark denim can go a long, long way. 7 For All Mankind makes some of the nicest fitting jeans but they certainly come at a price. Find a fit that works for you and buy all the pairs! You can dress them up, down, and feel great while doing it. Buying nice denim saves so much in the end because they last so much longer, too!
7. Jeffrey Campbell Booties What girl hasn’t dreamed of owning 1,000 pairs of Jeffrey Campbell’s? Besides that, a nice pair of boots can take you really far in life. Or just in fashion but either way, invest! A basic bootie with a low heel is great for travel, work, shopping, lunch, or meeting Adam Levine. But really, they are Sara approved, as she loves to rock her Campbell’s!

Thank you guys for reading! It was so fun to share our dreamy wishlist for staples that everyone should invest in someday. We can’t say thank you enough to Jamie for letting us take over her blog for the day – come visit us at Juke & Grain and follow us on Instagram for the latest updates!

Sara & Vicky


Everyone has been asking us what our preference is “do you want a boy or girl?” 

And the honest answer is – we just want healthy
However, if I were to break it down, I hope this little babe does get… 
His blond curly hair
His soft (easy to tan) skin
My nose
Our height 
His blueish eyes with my almond shape
Our athletic ability
His smarts
My sense of humor
His motivation 
My carefree fashion sense
His independence 
I get butterflies thinking that this little person is going to be a blend of us. And with that, it really doesn’t matter what we get. 
We’re doing a small gender reveal over the weekend in Tahoe with family – promise to share after 🙂
What’s your guess?

Maternity Travel

We’re headed to Nevada/Tahoe for a long weekend with my family.
Nick’s never met some of them and it’s going to be such. a. good. time.
My sister and Jenny will be there too.
We can’t wait.

So I think about packing – here’s my ideal maternity packing list:

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