First day of school

I started a new job at a place I love.

Rifle Paper Co.

My first day was amazing and the people are incredible.
Not to mention all the adorable goodies everywhere.

gap shirt / AF pants / UO booties / Mat & Nat bag

welcome card / catalog / fresh flowers from my love

So excited about my new 9-6 home away from home.


It’s a little different from working from home. And for others making this adjustment (plus a commute!) here’s some helpful tips: 

1. When you’re home, you’re home. 
Every morning I wake up, get ready and eat breakfast with my mister. It’s time for us to start the day together and to talk about what we have going on. Nothing is worse than rushing out the door. When I get home, he’s so great – dinner is in the works, dogs are fed and we have time to enjoy our night. We talk about our day, watch our favorite shows and get comfy.

2. 1 hour there, 1 hour back.
I take the early morning commute to listen to music, currently Christmas tunes (yes, I start celebrating early.) I also use my favorite commuting app, Waze, to get an idea of traffic and/or police on the road. 
On my commute home, I typically try to connect with people. I let Nick know I’m on my way home, and then call my family or friends. It’s an hour to talk to someone I haven’t in awhile and it also makes the drive go by faster. Or you can totally take that hour and decompress. It’s about balance and finding your zone.

3. Grow Fonder
It’s so true distance makes the heart grow fonder. When you’re used to seeing someone all day everyday and then you’re not (10+ hours later) I get so excited to get home. Hugs and kisses get that much better.

4. Make it homey
Today I brought a coffee mug and drinking glass to work. Next I’ll bring some newly framed photos for my desk. It helps to bring some elements of home to your little space at the office. Scents are always good too – the smell of a candle can be so soothing, plus it ignites memories. 

It’s definitely one of those things “it is what you make of it” and I choose to be utterly grateful. 


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